‘Exterritorial’ Netflix German Movie: Everything We Know So Far

The action thriller is due out on Netflix soon and comes from the same production company as Dear Child.

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Netflix Germany has recently previewed several of its upcoming original projects, one of which is a new thriller movie that has the working title Exterritorial. The upcoming movie is about a woman whose son gets kidnapped and she must find him, leading her to a dark government conspiracy.

The German-language Exterritorial was written and directed by Christian Zübert, whose credits include Lammbock, Der Schatz der weißen Falken, Three-Quarter Moon, and more. Kerstin Schmidbauer as producer and Oliver Berben as executive producer.

It’s just the latest Netflix collaboration with the production company Constantin Film. The distributor and production company was behind the series Dear Child, which entered Netflix’s all-time top 10 list after releasing last year. The company was also behind Blood & Gold, Faraway, and the single season of Resident Evil. Constantin Film is also working on other upcoming German projects for Netflix, including Achtsam Mordern and Kaulitz & Kaulitz.

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First look at Netflix’s Exterritorial

The project was most recently shown off at the Next on Netflix Germany event in March 2024 with Netflix stressing that the title of the film may change in the near future.

What’s the plot of Exterritorial?

Here’s the official synopsis for Netflix’s Exterritorial:

On a visit to the US consulate in Frankfurt, the son of former Special Forces soldier Sara disappears without a trace. Stranger still, nobody seems to remember him ever being in the building. Sara is asked to leave the consulate, but she knows that the German authorities have no access to the interior. If she leaves now, she might never get back in. Sara moves deeper into the labyrinthine consulate, desperately searching for her son, unaware of the dangerous intrigue gradually tightening a noose around her throat.

Who is cast in Exterritorial?

Exterritorial 2

The cast of Netflix’s Exterritorial is led by Jeanne Goursaud (Barbarians) as Sara. She is joined by Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II), for whom this will be his first German-speaking role. He will play the chief of security, Erik Kynch. Finally, Lera Abova (Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin) will play Irina, the daughter of a Russian oligarch.

Additional cast members include Kayode Akinyemi (Vikings: Valhalla), Annabelle Mandeng (Unknown), Samuel Tehrani (Runny Dry), Jeremy Schuetze (Jennifer’s Body), Kris Saddler, and Nina Liu.

What’s the production status of Exterritorial?

Filming for Netflix’s Exterritorial began late last year and wrapped in December. Currently, the project is in post-production.

What’s the Netflix release date for Exterritorial?

Netflix hasn’t confirmed the release date for Exterritorial, but since it’s already wrapped and in post-production, a 2024 release could be very much on the table, although at the Next on Netflix Germany event, they just said the movie was coming soon.

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