First Nickelodeon Series ‘Glitch Techs’ Coming to Netflix in February

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Glitch Techs – Picture: Nickelodeon/Netflix

Netflix and Nickelodeon have been quick to get to work on their first project since their output deal was announced late last year. Glitch Techs is coming to Netflix on February 21st. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know.

As you may remember, Netflix and Nickelodeon struck a deal later last year which will see Nickelodeon produce new TV series and movies for Netflix. We’ve been promised a Spongebob Squarepants spinoff as well as a mix of content using both established and new IP.

Glitch Techs really falls under the same category as the two Nick movies that released over the summer. It’s a series that was announced for the deal but had yet to see the night of day on Nickelodeon.

What’s Glitch Techs about?

Here’s how Netflix describes the series on its official page:

“Two teens work at a game store as a front for their actual job: Hunting video game monsters who’ve broken out into the real world.”

Among the voice cast is Ricardo Hurtado, Monica Ray, Luke Youngblood, Sandeep Parikh, Zehra Fazal, Eric Lopez, and Scott Kreamer.

Will there be a second season of Glitch Techs?

According to the co-creator of the series, Eric Robles, the first 10 episodes will drop in February with more on the way later. 40 episodes in total were originally ordered before the show made its way to Netflix so long as you guys keep watching, they’ll keep producing.

With thanks to the NickAlive blog for keeping us up to date on the developments of Glitch Techs.

What’s most interesting to us, perhaps the most, is that Nickelodeon and Netflix branding are available on the available artwork so far. This is rare because Netflix usually removes any other studios branding when carrying shows as Originals.

While we wait for the release date which is only weeks away, take a look around the office of the team developing the series courtesy of Eric Robles.

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