‘Good Girls’ Season 1 Will Likely Come to Netflix US in 2019

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Christina Hendricks, Retta and Mae Whitman in Good Girls on NBC

If you’re in the United States, Good Girls season 1 isn’t on Netflix. Don’t worry though as an international distribution deal will almost mean that the series comes to Netflix but you’re still going to have a bit of a wait. Here’s a look as to when season 1 of Good Girls will be on Netflix in the United States.

The new series from NBC hopes to continue the networks fantastic reign on comedy. The network is most known for their comedies including Friends from the 90’s, The Office, Parks and Recreation and more recently, The Good Place.

Good Girls has the cast and it has the plot but does it result in a fantastic comedy? The truth is that the verdict is still somewhat out on that but Netflix will become the streaming home of the show in 2019.

As you may have heard, Good Girls is now being shopped as a Netflix Original series in regions outside the United States. This isn’t the first time this type of deal has happened nor is it the first with NBC. In fact, The Good Place is also covered with this deal.

Netflix US Release Date for Season 1

We’re currently expecting season 1 of Good Girls to arrive on Netflix US in early 2019. Like when other networks add their series to Netflix, it’s to help garner hype for the upcoming series. NBC adds most of their shows to Netflix in September just before their fall lineup starts airing. Good Girls is expected to air early 2019 so you can expect season 1 to land on Netflix in either January or February 2019.

NBC may choose to add it with their roster of other shows in September and we’ll know closer to the time.

How do we know that it’s coming to the United States? Simple, it hasn’t stayed on Hulu. NBC has a stake in Hulu and most of its shows stay there unless they’re able to find alternative homes. In the case of Good Girls, only the last few episodes are remaining on Hulu.

That also means you can expect season 2 to be added to Netflix further down the line but we’ll be back a bit closer to the release to cover that.


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