Gordon Ramsay on Netflix: Show List on US & UK

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Gordon Ramsay is a prolific chef who has produced some fantastic cooking shows and competitions over the past decade and more. His bombastic style has made him instantly memeable and likable. He’s one of the best TV chefs around and has conquered both the United Kingdom and the United States. We’re going to be taking a look at his streaming library currently on Netflix. 

Here at What’s on Netflix, we’re looking at food titles on Netflix all week. We’ve already covered the best 25 cooking series and highlighted the best titles from the Netflix Original lineup but you’ll notice a distinct lack of Gordon Ramsay titles.

A few of his best shows include The F Word, Hells Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. Most of these shows have US and UK variants.

What ‘Gordon Ramsay’ Titles are on Netflix?

Sadly, Gordon Ramsay’s cooking shows generally aren’t available on Netflix. There are a few exceptions. Below we’ve included which titles are on Netflix and those that aren’t plus alternative places to watch if you’re desperate to watch through a streaming service.

Title On Netflix (Country) UK Streaming US Streaming
The F Word N/A All4 Hulu
Kitchen Nightmares (UK) N/A All4 N/A
Kitchen Nightmares (US) N/A All4 Hulu
Masterchef N/A N/A Hulu
Masterchef Junior N/A N/A Hulu
Hells Kitchen (UK) UK All4 N/A
Hells Kitchen (US) N/A N/A Hulu
Hotel Hell N/A All4 N/A

As that table makes perfectly clear Netflix is not the ideal home if you’re wanting to watch a Gordon Ramsay cooking show. In the United Kingdom, only Hells Kitchen UK is streaming but it only includes seasons 9 through to 11. All4 is the home of Gordon Ramsay in the UK and the streaming service is free although it’s ad-supported.

In the United States, Hulu is the home of all of the chefs cooking shows with most series going back to the first season meaning it holds a complete library. Hulu requires a subscription.

Why isn’t Gordon Ramsay’s US content on Netflix?

If you cast your mind back, Netflix in the United States used to have a lot of Fox content where most of Gordon’s content is aired. Fox ended their contract with Netflix last year and as a result, his shows including Kitchen Nightmares were taken away from Netflix.

Bonus – Smurfs is on Netflix US

Now obviously, The Smurfs isn’t your typical cooking show but Gordon Ramsay does feature as one of the smurfs albeit very briefly.

Smurfs: The Lost Village is streaming on Netflix in the United States from 20th October 2017.

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