Is Seasons 1 to 7 of ‘Homeland’ on Netflix?

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Homeland is still one of the best series currently available and the series is now heading into its final season. Is Homeland streaming on Netflix, when do new seasons arrive on Netflix and where can you stream if your region isn’t carrying the show. We look at future of Homeland on Netflix and some alternatives too.

Homeland has been Showtime’s biggest show and with the final season, a gaping hole will now exist. Claire Danes plays her iconic multi-dimensional role as Claire Danes who works at the CIA. In the first few series she was involved with Nicholas Brody who had thought to have turned to the enemy. She’s sinced moved onto other cases.

Season 8 is scheduled to be the last in the series and will likely air in 2019.

Is Homeland on Netflix US?

No, it’s only available on Netflix in the United States through boxsets on the Netflix DVD subscription service. Season 6 of Homeland arrived on boxset in February 2018. Netflix does carry many Showtime shows but Homeland has always been missing. That’s probably because it’s one of the key shows that’s used to push the Showtime add-on for Hulu. All seven seasons are streaming on that add-on which requires both a Hulu subscription and the additional Showtime add-on.

Given the show is about to come to an end and Netflix’s preference to ongoing show or exclusivity, it’s unlikely that Homeland will ever arrive on Netflix in the US.

Where is Homeland streaming on Netflix?

Since 2014, Netflix in the United Kingdom has been receiving regular updates to Homeland is currently streaming up to season 6. New seasons of Homeland arrive every January on Netflix UK so you can expect season 7 of Homeland to be on Netflix UK in January 2019.

Beyond the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia are also streaming the series although only up to season 4. The Netherlands, France, Spain, Norway and Sweden also carry the show.

What are some alternatives to watch on Netflix?

If you don’t mind subtitles, Money Heist, the Spanish crime series features a similar pace. If it’s the politics you like then the obvious go-to is House of Cards. If it’s the mystery then check out The Killing.

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