Haters Back Off: Why was it cancelled? Can it be saved?

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Netflix has decided after two seasons that Haters Back Off, the Netflix Original series focussing on the Youtube celebrity, is no longer worth renewing and has therefore cancelled meaning there will not be a season 3. We’re going to take a look at some reasons as to why it has been cancelled and some ways you can help save its future.

Recap & Reaction to the cancellation

The series managed two seasons which saw the Youtube personality get a full-blown series to flesh out the character’s backstory. The character is portrayed by YouTube star Colleen Ballinger who created the Youtube channel almost ten years ago.

The cancellation was announced by Netflix and shortly after, the Youtube star released a statement. Here’s the full transcript of what Colleen posted to social media:

‘Absolutely devasted that Haters Back Off isn’t coming back for another season. I put my entire heart and soul into this show and finding out this news has left me heartbroken. I desperately wish I could continue telling the story of Haters Back off, but I’m extremely grateful for the experience and to all of you for making it happen. When I created Miranda Sings ten years ago, I never imagined I would eventually have two seasons of my own Netflix Original series. Thank you to the producers, writers and crew for working so hard to make my imaginary world a reality. Thank you to the cast for making the family I’ve known for a decade in my strange brain come to life. Thank you to the fans for believing in me and supporting the show. You made my dreams come true. I’m forever grateful.’

Why was the show cancelled?

Netflix has had a big cull of shows this year. There have been several reasons for the cancellations but the two that keep coming up are cost and audience numbers. In the case of Haters Back Off! we suspect that the audience wasn’t as high as what Netflix wanted.

If you consider that Miranda Sings has 8.3 million subscribers you’d have to have a high attach rate for Haters Back Off to get similar numbers. You also have to consider that Netflix’s target audience is not the same as Youtube.

What’s next?

The most obvious route for Haters Back Off! to take is to go on YouTube. Colleen is obviously no stranger to YouTube as that’s where the show has been up until Netflix although the production is a whole different ballgame. Unless Colleen was able to get the funds herself to produce it on her own channel, the only other option would be to employ the services of YouTube Red. Hulu could look at picking up the show as they recently finished a similar show, The Mindy Project but it’s unlikely.

You can already see that Miranda has plenty in store for this year including tour dates as well as a big New Years party. The Youtube channel is also releasing a new video every weekday throughout December.


A new campaign immediately cropped up on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag shown above. Netflix has been known to reverse decisions with the most recent case of Sense8 being given a final episode thanks to fan outcry.

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