Black Mirror Season 4 Release Date Confirmed?

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Black Mirror’s creator has said that the release of season 4 of Black Mirror is imminent meaning we’ll most likely be getting new episodes in December 2017. We’ll look at what evidence we have so far for release date plus a small preview of what to expect for season 4.

Much like The Punisher last month, Netflix has remained tight-lipped on the release date for season 4 of Black Mirror along with the showrunner, Charlie Brooker. Netflix has updated its listing on its media site that says the series will release in 2017 and likewise, all other outlets are reporting 2017 too but given we’ve just got a month to go, we’re running out of time.

From November 23rd onwards, Netflix has been steadily dropping new trailers, artwork and information about each episode.

Release is Imminent

Today on Twitter, Charlie Brooker broke the news that he wouldn’t be producing his long-running tradition of producing a show for the BBC in England where he summarises the news of the year in a satirical fashion. This caused a mass upset but most importantly it then led to people asking when season 4 will come to Netflix. This was his response.

Early December Release Date

Netflix has begun what they call the 13 days of Black Mirror promotion and the 13th day lands on December 6th which could be when Netflix drops the show but we’re sceptical of this date given that Netflix Originals almost always arrive on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Netflix has been releasing a new trailer every two days on Twitter and Youtube. The trailer for episode 1 landed on November 24th, episode 2 on November 26th and episode 3 on November 28th. On this schedule, the final trailer is scheduled to come out on December 4th. This is one day before a Netflix release day, December 5th which is our first prediction.

It may be likely that on Wednesday 6th December they release one last teaser with the date announcing season 4 will drop on Friday, December 8th. The only reason why they wouldn’t release on that Friday is that they’d be putting Black Mirror up the same day The Crown season 2 releases.

Our theory above fits with a Redditors theory on the release date too!

Have we gone completely nuts or are we actually getting new episodes of Black Mirror in a week or so? Either way, I’m excited.

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