Heartland Season 10 Is Finally Now on Netflix

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Heartland Season 10 Now On Netflix 2

Heartland season 10 has finally arrived on Netflix in the United States after months and months of waiting. All 18 episodes of season 10 dropped on Netflix on August 2nd, 2018.

The hit Canadian show which sees a girl having to fight for her ranch to stay active after the tragic passing of her mother has become a staple of the Netflix library in recent years. In fact, we’d hazard a guess to say it’s the most popular foreign show on Netflix that’s produced outside of the US.

As many fans of the show will know, the wait for season 10 has been excruciating. Season 10 aired on CBC in Canada back in October 2016 and finished in March 2017. Meaning we’ve had to wait over a year and a half for it to drop on Netflix.

What about season 11?

Of course, the wait will now begin for season 11 of Heartland which has already completed its first run in Canada. We’re expecting Netflix to add season 11 roughly the same time on Netflix in 2019 but we’ll take you through that in much more depth in our when will season 11 come to Netflix article.

Hulu has been getting new seasons dropping slightly earlier than Netflix (at least it did with season 10) so it may be worth grabbing a subscription to that service too although it’s not received season 11 just yet.

What about season 12!?

Yes, the show has already been renewed for a twelve season. No release date has been announced as of yet but the likelihood is that it’ll start airing in Canada come fall 2018.

Most other regions of Netflix including Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom have also had updates to Heartland over the past several weeks too.

If you’re all done with season 10 already, Netflix has plenty of other feel-good shows for you to binge through next including the likes of When Calls the Heart and The Ranch.

Season 10 of Heartland is now available on Netflix US. Are you excited to binge through? Let us know in the comments.