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Heartland is one of the most popular shows on Netflix that originate from Canada. The family-focused show following a family based on a ranch continues to deliver year after year. Netflix is host to quite a few shows that fit in the same category so below, we’re going to pick out five new series you should be watching if you love Heartland.

What does each of the series need to have? Netflix describes the show as emotional, heartfelt and sentimental to which we would agree with all three. The show is also a coming of age story of Amy but not in your traditional comedy sense. It’s also a show based on circumstances beyond the control of the main character. We’re also looking for shows with longevity as Heartland has reached over 12 seasons.

In case you’re wondering, new seasons of Heartland continue to get added to Netflix on an annual basis although they’re always a couple of seasons behind.

  • Free Rein

Netflix Original Series
Seasons Available: 1

Free Rein shares remarkably a lot of characteristics as Heartland but it is geared to a slightly younger audience than that of Heartland. The show centers on a 15-year-old who returns to her mom’s childhood home back in the United Kingdom. Much like how Amy bonds with the horses in Heartland, in Free Rein that’s one of the core elements of the show. The series only has one season under its belt which is a negative but more are in production.

  • Hart of Dixie

Seasons Available: 4

If you love the fact that Heartland is set in a small town then Hart of Dixie may be for you. Much like Amy who inherits a ranch, Zoe Hart inherits a small medical practice in Alabama. The series shares many of the same characteristics although could be argued its a lot more American than Heartland. Likewise, only four seasons of the show were produced before the series was axed.

  • The Ranch

Netflix Original
Seasons Available: 2

The premise of Heartland and The Ranch are almost exactly the same. The key difference is one is a drama and one is a sitcom comedy. In The Ranch, we see two sons return home to help their father try and save the ranch from being sold. The dialogue is definitely geared more towards the comedy that it is but there’s still plenty of similarities that warrant adding this title to your list if you love Heartland.

  • Longmire

Netflix Original Series
Seasons Available: 6 

Longmire’s premise perhaps couldn’t be further away from Heartland as it’s about a sheriff’s longing to find the truth about his wife’s murder. With that said, the setting the show is in is remarkably similar to that of Heartland hence our recommendation. Add to that the gooey feeling you feel inside when all comes to plan in Longmire is replicated on many occasion in Heartland too. Add to that Netflix has six full seasons readily available means you’ve got your next binge.

  • When Calls the Heart

Seasons Available: 5

This show shares a Canadian heritage with Heartland as well as sharing the same genres. Much like Hart of Dixie and Free Rein, it involves Elizabeth Thatcher moving from a busy part of the world to a small coal-mining town to teach. Like Amy and Zoe, she has to adapt to her new surroundings. Unlike the other titles on this list, however, When Calls the Heart is a period drama set in the early 1900’s.

Have we missed any titles that are similar to Heartland on Netflix? Let us know down in the comments.


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