Insatiable Season 1: Soundtrack Complete Song Listing

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Insatiable Season 1 Now on Netflix

Insatiable is now available on Netflix and with it comes a soundtrack full of pop, rap and old school hits. If you’re watching Insatiable and wondering what song is that in episode 2, then you’ve come to the right place.

As you’ve probably heard, this show has been causing a lot of controversy before and since its release. In fact, it’s one of the worst rated shows on Netflix but despite this, seems to be quite popular. We’ll be covering whether or not it’ll be getting a second season soon plus did you know that the show is partially based on real life?

Here’s an episode by episode breakdown of every song in Insatiable season 1:

Episode 1:

  • Alex Ross – Dreams
  • Crowd Goes Wild – Bien
  • The Cactus Man – Julian Wass
  • Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train
  • The Stars Are Mine – Chocolate Puma, Pep & Rash

Episode 2:

  • In Motion – China Lane
  • Simple Minds – Don’t You
  • No Mercy – Ndidi O
  • Mischief – Paul Freeman

Episode 3:

  • Sexual – NEIKED feat Dyo
  • Hot Thang – Brett Carr Boyett
  • Fight Night – Freedom, Kevin Skaggs and Alexander Pol

Episode 4:

  • Watch Your Back – Zeazy Z
  • Higher – Twin Buffalo

Episode 5:

  • S’mores – Etch

Episode 6:

  • Heart You – Aisa

Episode 7:

  • Fell Asleep Dreaming – The Years

Episode 8:

  • Rise and Fall – Elise Nicole
  • Cry Little Sister – Gerard McMann

Episode 9:

  • New Machine – Danny Ayer

Episode 11:

  • Boom – Anjulie
  • We Never Know Anymore – Hamster

Episode 12:

  • Used to Love Her – Guns N’ Roses

Thanks to Tunefind for some of the songs that we weren’t able to identify.

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 Poster Rating: TV-MA
Language: English
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Thriller
Cast: Dallas Roberts, Debby Ryan, Christopher Gorham, Kimmy Shields
Season Additions:
  • - Season 2 was added to Netflix on October 11th, 2019
  • - Season 1 was added to Netflix on August 10th, 2018