‘Insatiable’ Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

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The most controversial show of the year is set to return in 2019. After Netflix confirmed the renewal of Insatiable there was a very mixed reaction. For fans of the show excited for its return, here is everything we know so far about Season 2 of Insatiable.

Insatiable is an American black comedy-drama series created by Lauren Gussis. The show is centered around teenager Patty Bladwell. After an incident with a bully, her jaw is wired shut and Patty is forced to go on a liquid diet over summer vacation.

When she returns to school everyone is shocked to see the amount of weight Patty has lost. Patty plans to use her new found attention and popularity to get revenge on those who bullied her for being overweight.

The premise of the show was rife in controversy after a backlash on Twitter accused the show of fat shaming. The backlash could have potentially resulted in the removal of the show before it even aired, but arguably the controversy only caused more people to tune in.

There are some who are still campaigning against Insatiable, but for the foreseeable future, we will be seeing Patty on our screens again.

Insatiable season 1 recap

After being bullied for being overweight, Patty returned to school after three-month liquid diet. Shocked at the amount of weight she lost her fellow students gave her a new found amount of attention. Patty is then convinced by former pageant coach Bob Armstrong to enter beauty pageants.

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Throughout the season Patty attempts to get revenge on those that bullied her while also competing in the beauty pageants. Patty continuously finds herself in more and more controversial situations. This culminates at the end of the season with Patty killing her stalker and former boyfriend Christian. After Bob and Patty attempt to hide the body in a car they push in a lake, it fails to sink. The season ends with Patty confessing to Bob that she thinks she may have killed Stella Rose.

What should we expect to see in season 2 of Insatiable?

Expect a lot more controversy from Patty’s escapades as it will be revealed whether or not she killed Stella Rose. The car with Christian’s body also failed to sink, so Christian’s body could be found by the police and a murder investigation could begin. Psychologically, we can expect this to impact Patty dramatically, so we could see a very vulnerable Patty for season two.

After all the trouble she found herself involved in with the beauty pageants it’s also possible Patty may quit the circuit.

In an interview, Debby Ryan expressed how she’s “interested in exploring the places that Patty continues to look” adding she’s “interested to see where Patty looks [next].”

How has the reaction been to the renewal of Insatiable?

It is safe to say it has been a very mixed reaction. There are many that are majorly excited for Season 2.

While there are others who still aren’t impressed.

Where is Insatiable season 2 in production?

Filming of the second season has concluded! Debby Ryan tweeted the following for the last day of filming:

At the time of this update, it’s been two months since filming concluded. The second season will now be deep into post-production.

In May, Debby Ryan posted something that suggests she may, in fact, be directing an episode in season 2. As JustJared Jr recounts the story sees “Debby’s chair (labeled with her character’s name, Patty) is framed next to the director’s chair and Debby’s pillow is laying over both chairs.”

Casting news for Insatiable season 2

There is currently no news as of yet on any new cast members. Most of the core cast has been confirmed to return.

Role Actor/Actress Where have I seen them before?
Bob Armstrong, Jr. Dallas Roberts 3:10 to Yuma, Dallas Buyers Club, Walk the Line
Patty Blade Debby Ryan Sing It!, Jessie, Rip Tide
Bob Barnard Christopher Gorham 2 Broke Girls, Covert Affairs, A Boy Called Po
Angie Bladell Sarah Colonna Chelsea Lately, Back in the Day
Magnolia Barnard Erinn Westbrook Glee, Awkward, Jane the Virgin
Brick Armstrong Michael Provost #REALITYHIGH, Shameless, Chance
Coralee Huggins Alyssa Milano Charmed, Commando, Who’s the Boss?

Alex Landi (Grey’s Anatomy) has been confirmed to have been cast in a recurring role in Insatiable Season 2. Details on the character Landi will play is yet to be revealed.

Is there a trailer for season 2 of Insatiable?

With the release only a matter of days away, Netflix has finally dropped the trailer for Insatiable season 2!

When Is The Release Date?

We are correct in our prediction that Insatiable season 2 would be arriving in October 2019!

More specifically the second season is scheduled to release on October 11th, 2019.

This is a live article. Be sure to bookmark it as we will add more info as it becomes available!

Are you excited for season 2 of Insatiable? Or do you wish Netflix had canceled the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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