Is Disney’s ‘Frozen’ on Netflix?

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Now that Christmas is just around the corner, we’re doing recaps of all your favorite Christmas movies and whether or not they’re streaming on Netflix. Up next is one of the biggest Disney movies in recent years and has become one of the true greats of the Disney library. So, let’s take a look and see whether or not Frozen is on Netflix or not. 

Although not associated with Christmas, it did have a late release date plus it’s set in a wintery setting so we’re going to count it for now. The reason you probably do know Frozen is the song that dominated the charts for weeks which was of course, Let It Go. The soundtrack along with the memorable characters propelled the movie to be a true Disney classic.

The story features a queen who fails to hold in her dark secret and plunges her home into an infinite winter.

As of right now, Frozen is only available on one Netflix region which is Portugal which excludes hundreds of other Netflix regions.

For those in the US we may have some goods news though. As you may have heard, Disney recently struck a contract with Netflix that will be bringing brand new theatrical Disney movies to Netflix for the next few years. Now, although that only covers movies released since 2016 onwards, we’ve also seen some of the back catalog come to Netflix but given how popular this movie is, we’re not currently expecting to see it on Netflix US but we’re not saying it’d never happen.

If you’re looking for an alternative place, DisneyLife (their own streaming platform) holds the rights and places such as NowTV in the UK also holds the streaming rights too.


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