Is Grimm on Netflix?

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Since we last wrote about whether Grimm was on Netflix, there’s been a lot of changes to Netflix with the service opening up to millions more around the world. We’re back to update you on whether or not Grimm is on Netflix, when regions get new seasons and where to stream it if it’s not on Netflix.

The show just wrapped up its sixth season with a much smaller series than normal. Each season usually consists of 22 episodes whereas season 6 only had 13. The show is a supernatural NBC series that is a modern re-imagining of Grimm’s Fairy Tales where a cop gets thrust into the world with all sorts of ancient beasts inhabiting it.

Sadly, the sixth season was the last with some asking Netflix to revive it, we’ll take a look at the possibility of that below.

Is Grimm on Netflix US?

The answer to this is no. Grimm is not and has never been available on Netflix in the US. There’s a few likely reasons to this namely that Netflix has never forked up the money to get the streaming rights. Netflix has paid out for other big NBC shows such as The Blacklist but clearly felt that its CW offerings in the form of The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural were enough.

For those looking for a streaming option both NBC’s own application plus Hulu (which NBC owns a stake in) are both streaming the show.

Where is Grimm streaming on Netflix?

Quite a few Netflix regions do stream Grimm although they’ve been pretty slow at getting new seasons. Netflix in the United Kingdom is the most high profile country with currently four seasons streaming. Season 5 and 6 are expected to come to Netflix UK although season 5 won’t be here until 2018 and season 6 in 2019.

Other regions streaming the show include France, Belgium, Spain, Switzerland, and Germany.

Could Netflix pick up Grimm for season 7?

Grimm has been on our screens since 2011 and for most fans, it did wrap up the story nicely in the final 13 episodes although that’s not quite enough for some fans. A petition has reached 20,000 signatures although the possibility of Netflix picking it up is slim to none. This is because most Netflix revivals have been in the form of comedies and dramas and given the newly struck deal with CW, it’d be somewhat wasting money.

Would you like to see Grimm come back to Netflix as an Original? Let us know in the comments below.

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