Is Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix?

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Kitchen Nightmares is one of the best reality TV shows going hosted by Gordon Ramsay. With a couple of developments (and a Netflix alternative now available) we thought we’d revisit the history of Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix and whether it’ll be back.

Sadly, like most of the Gordan Ramsey library, you can no longer find his titles streaming on Netflix.

Kitchen Nightmares, which saw two formats a UK version and a US version feature the famed British chef traveling to broken restaurants and him trying to fix them.

The US version of the show ran for seven seasons that included 92 total episodes released including 9 revisit specials.

Why isn’t Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix in the Us?

The US used to stream the United States version of the show but was removed from Netflix back in July 2016 and has yet to re-appear.

The good news is that the series is widely available outside of Netflix. As of right now, the series can be found on Hulu as part of a streaming subscription. However, there are free ad-based alternatives too. That includes most episodes being on IMDbTV, Roku, Vudu, and Tubi.

YouTube is also home to a large collection of compilations and clips too.

Is Kitchen Nightmares on Netflix in other regions?

As with the US, no other region is currently streaming Kitchen Nightmares according to Unogs.

Netflix Series Similar to Kitchen Nightmares

When Netflix pulls titles (or when the original distributor pulls in this instance) it usually sets out to fill the gap and that’s exactly what it did in February 2020.

Of course, Netflix isn’t short of plenty of great cooking shows but it doesn’t have one specifically helping restaurants. That’s where Restaurants on the Edge steps in.

It recruits industry experts Nick Liberato, Karin Bohn and Dennis Prescott to travel around the world to find restaurants on their last leg and give them a helping hand.

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