Is Seasons 1 & 2 of Goliath on Netflix?

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Billy Bob Thornton’s Goliath is not streaming on Netflix in any regions and won’t be coming to Netflix and it’s for one simple reason, it’s exclusive to another streaming provider. Here’s how you can stream it, whether it’ll come to Netflix DVD and some alternatives to watch on Netflix too.

The lawyer drama is a must-watch and only got better in season 2 which literally just released. In Season 2, Billy McBride takes on a new case, and the fight spills into the streets of Los Angeles and alleys of Venice Beach.

As you’ve already worked out by now, Goliath isn’t on Netflix in any form. Why do we do articles like this? It’s simple, millions use Netflix to catch up on all manner of shows and it’s not quite clear where everything streams. In the case of Goliath, both seasons 1 and 2 are produced and distributed by Amazon Prime. That means you’ll have to get an Amazon Prime subscription to stream the show.

Is Goliath on Netflix DVD?

Netflixers may look towards the Netflix DVD platform if they’re not willing to hand over the money to Amazon for a Prime subscription but that won’t be the case either. Seasons of shows typically arrive on Netflix DVD (and other VoD platforms) just before their new season airs. Once again, Amazon has decided to make it locked exclusively behind the Prime paywall. There’s zero chance, at least for the immediate future, that you’ll be getting Goliath on DVD through Netflix.

Goliath Alternatives on Netflix

There’s no doubt that Goliath is the hottest law drama on TV right now. Netflix does have a few alternatives as we’ll explore below but we implore you to find a way of checking out Goliath. Here are our top pick alternatives.

First of all, the popular USA Network series Suits can be found on many Netflix regions. The lawyer drama has been on the air for ages now but found a recent resurgence thanks to one of its stars marrying into the royal family. Better Call Saul is a slightly lighter lawyer drama that’s streaming on the majority of Netflix regions.

In terms of Netflix Originals, Bloodline and Ozark immediately come to mind particularly the latter show. Ozark stars Jason Bateman and sees a well-to-do individual come unstuck when he has to smuggle millions of dollars.

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