Is Seasons 1 to 4 of ’12 Monkeys’ on Netflix?

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Syfy’s recent library has been some of the best the network has ever produced. One of the biggest titles that Syfy continues to push is 12 Monkeys. Depending on where you live 12 Monkeys is on Netflix and we’ve got every detail about the release patterns and why Netflix in the United States isn’t streaming the show.

The year is 2043 and a virus has devastated much of the human population so multiple people are sent back to 2015 in the hopes of stopping the outbreak of the virus known as ‘Army of the 12 Monkeys’. It’s one of the most suspenseful shows the network has produced and with the exception of The Expanse, the show is the best on Syfy right now.

The series began airing on Syfy in the United States back in 2015 and has released a new season every subsequent year since. The fourth season will serve as the final season.

Now let’s take a look at it streaming on Netflix.

Why is ’12 Monkeys’ not on Netflix in the United States

The reason Netflix US isn’t streaming the show is that it’s on an exclusive streaming contract with Hulu. Struck back in 2016, the deal includes all future seasons of the show plus the back catalog too. New episodes aren’t added to Hulu weekly instead arriving all at once.

With this deal in place plus the fact the series is coming to an end, don’t expect Netflix to get the series added anytime soon if at all.

What regions are streaming 12 Monkeys?

The series streams on pretty much every other Netflix region. These include Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, most of mainland Europe, South America and India.

When will season 4 of 12 Monkeys be on Netflix?

Because of the staggered release dates, Netflix has been releasing a new season of 12 Monkeys a little later every year. Here’s how it’s released on the United Kingdom up until now. Season 1 was added in March 2017. Season 2 was added a month later in April 2017. The most recent season was added in May 2018.

That means we can expect season 4 to arrive on Netflix in the regions stated above come May/June 2019. Because the show is ending, it may be the case that it arrives slightly earlier.


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