Jinn Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status & Release Date

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As the first Arabic Original under the full banner of the Netflix Original, Jinn would have hoped for a smoother debut. Not that the quality of the series is lacking but elements of the story have sparked controversy in the country of Jordan, where the series is filmed. So will Jinn be returning for a second season? Let’s find out.

Jinn is a Netflix Original Arabic supernatural teen-drama produced by Kabreet Productions. The series was shot in Jordan and filmed across numerous locations in the country, including that of the ancient city of Petra. Since the series release, it has been rife in controversy which may lead to the cancelation of the series.

On a school trip to the ancient city of Petra, a group of student’s lives changes when two mysterious Jinn are released into the human realm. One is evil while the other is good but both are incredibly powerful. The Evil Jinn seeks to destroy the world s it’s up to the students and the good Jinn to save mankind.

Jinn Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 18/06/2019)

We’re unlikely to see news on renewal for some time thanks to the recent controversy surrounding the reaction of the Jordanian people after Jinn aired. The show has been surrounded in controversy since release thanks to two scenes in the series that have been deemed “immoral” by the many in Jordan. The scene in question is to do with the character of Mira (played by Salma Malhas).

Across two separate scenes, Mira kissed two different boys. While this may seem rather tame for most audiences across the world, the actions taken by the character has sparked controversy. Jordan is a very conservative nation and actions such as kissing two separate boys on screen in different scenes are unacceptable.

Both the Jordan Media Commission and the Royal Film Commission claim they had no control over the censorship of the series. Netflix Middle East even had to release a statement condemning the bullying that has transpired online that has been focused on the cast and crew of Jinn.

So will renewal happen?

Unless Netflix can clear this up with the Jordan Royal Film Commission and the scenes are censored then we aren’t expecting to renew the series. The conservative views could be viewed as being intolerant itself, considering it was only two kisses being shown on screen, therefore, we’re not even sure Netflix will renew Jinn for another season. This could even impact filming in the region if Netflix had projects planned in the middle east.

The film commission has released a statement clarifying their stance on the matter.

How did subscribers find Jinn?

We already know how the conservative Jordanian people reacted to the series but how did everyone else react online? Safe to say subscribers outside of Jordan reacted in a very positive way:

Understandably fans of the series have been taken aback by the response of Jordanians.

Jinn Season 2 Netflix Release Date

Unless Netflix can come to terms with the reaction from the Jordanian Royal Film Commission, it’s unlikely we’ll see another season anytime soon.

Hypothetically if Jinn was to get renewed then we’d likely see a new season arrive in the Spring or Summer 2020. This is because filming would likely follow a similar schedule to that of the first. Filming began in August of 2018. Season 2 is more likely to begin filming at a later date while the team behind the series begin writing.

Potential Release Date: Summer 2020

Would you like to see another season of Jinn? Let us know in the comments below.

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