Will ‘Rocketman’ be Coming to Netflix?

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After the overwhelming success of Bohemian Rapsody in 2018, many have been anticipating the release of the Elton John biopic Rocketman. Amongst critics and fans alike the film has been well received. But the most important question is, when will Rocketman be coming to Netflix? Sadly it may not arrive for some time. Here’s why.

Rocketman is a biopic-musical based on the early career of Elton John. The film is directed by Dexter Fletcher who also had a hand in filming the last two weeks of Bohemian Rapsody after Bryan Singer left the project, although he was uncredited and instead was acknowledged as an executive producer. Starring as the legendary artist is Taron Egerton who previously worked with Fletcher on the biopic Eddie the Eagle.

Notably, all the performances by Taron Egerton as Elton John were sung by the actor, meaning there was no lip-syncing to Elton’s singing throughout the entire film.

Rocketman tells the tale of how legendary musician Elton John rose to stardom. Not without controversy, behind Elton John’s flamboyant on-stage persona was a man plagued by sex, drugs and the increasing pressure of revealing his sexuality to a hostile world.

Will Rocketman be coming to Netflix US?

There is no official confirmation on whether or not Rocketman will be coming to Netflix US. While this may seem disheartening, we have reason to believe that the biopic may eventually make its way to the streaming service.

Throughout the course of 2018 and 2019, Viacom (the parent company of Paramount) and Netflix have been working closely together. This includes Netflix receiving all the latest animated titles from Paramount and receiving plenty of content from Nickelodeon.

It was already announced last year that a deal has been struck between Netflix and Paramount for the latter to produce films for the streaming service. Along with the removal of the Paramount streaming service, there is potential for a streaming deal between the two companies.

Unfortunately, Netflix may not receive the rights to stream Rocketman first thanks to Hulu and Amazon. Currently, those streaming services receive some of the latest releases by Paramount. For Hulu, this is because of a deal that has been in place from 2010 which was then renewed in 2015. As 2020 approaches there’s no reason why Paramount wouldn’t be open to renewing this deal once again. Hopefully, Netflix can broker the deal instead when 2020 rolls around.

Taron Egerton (centre) as Elton John – Copyright. Rocket Pictures

Will Rocketman stream on Netflix in other regions?

If Paramount’s latest title released to streaming services Mission Impossible: Fallout, then we may be able to predict where Rocketman is headed.

In the United Kingdom, once again Sky and Now TV is the likely destination for the latest Paramount title. This is not unusual as Sky receives the majority of the latest cinematic releases. Sky and Now TV will stream Rocketman for a limited period of time before Rocketman ends up on Netflix.

Canada has been receiving many of the most recent Paramount release, including Downsizing, A Quiet Place and Mission Impossible: Fallout. We expect Rocketman to follow suit.

As for Australia, we’re uncertain on what the arrangement is between Netflix and Paramount. While Netflix Australia did receive Mission Impossible: Fallout, the previous Paramount releases have been scarce. If Rocketman doesn’t arrive on Netflix then Amazon Prime and Foxtel are the likeliest to receive the biopic.

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