‘Parasyte: The Grey’ Season 2: Yeon Sang-Ho Talks S2 Possibilities & What We Know So Far

Yeon Sang-Ho has discussed potential plans for a second season of 'Parasyte: The Grey' on Netflix.

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Parasyte The Grey Season 2 On Netflix Renewal Status

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Body horror Parasyte: The Grey landed on Netflix recently, and it’s already shaping up to be another successful K-drama release on the streaming service. Fans may question if a second season is on the cards, and if director Yeon Sang-Ho has his way, it will happen. However, renewal now rests in Netflix’s hands, and we are waiting for news of renewal from the streaming service.

Parasyte: The Grey is a South Korean horror series and a live-action adaptation of Hitoshi Iwaaki’s Japanese manga Parasyte. Train to Busan director and Hellbound creator Yeon Sang-Ho is the series director.

Parasyte: The Grey Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 09/04/2024)

At the time of writing, Netflix has yet to renew Parasyte: The Grey for a second season.

Before Netflix decides on renewal, it will monitor the series’ performance over the next several weeks. Factors such as hours viewed, Netflix views (complete viewing equivalents), the number of subscribers who see the series to completion, and more will determine whether or not Parasyte: The Grey is renewed.

The series has made it into the daily top ten TV lists of 91 countries worldwide, including the United States, where it is currently ranked second.

In its first four days on Netflix, the series launched with 6.3 million views (complete viewing equivalents). When compared to other K-dramas, the series is ever so slightly behind My Name, making Parasyte: The Grey the 6th most K-drama to launch on Netflix.

Parasyte The Grey Netflix Viewership Week 1

Yeon Sang-Ho, the series director, has commented on the possibility of a second season and discussed what part Izumi Shinichi would have to play.

“I couldn’t have just given [him] one line to say during filming the ending scene and told him to do it. The ending scene is set about eight years after the events of Parasyte: The Grey. I told actor Suda Masaki a very specific story.

I explained when this character [Izumi Shinichi] comes into play, and he understood and acted accordingly.

It’s difficult to give details, but there are plans. But if Season 2 is produced, I can say that Shinichi will have a role to some extent.

He further elaborated that plans for a second season are out of his hands and rest firmly with Netflix;

“That’s not something I can decide. It’s up to Netflix. I think it [the story] will be about digging into something after eight years have passed. There is no limit to imagination, but it depends on whether it gets greenlit for production.”

Does Parasyte: The Grey need a second season?

There’s room for a second season, given that the protagonist of the Japanese anime/manga of Parasyte, Shinichi Izumi, arrived at the end of the series to introduce himself.

This little cameo at the end signifies Parasyte: The Grey‘s place in the franchise’s overall continuity. It works as a sequel to the original manga story, as Shinichi Izumi never left Japan.

Parasute The Grey Season 2 On Netflix Renewal Status Shinichi Izumi Anime Comparison

Picture: Masaki Suda as Shinichi Izumi (left) and his anime counterpart (right)

Shinichi and Su-In never had the opportunity to meet, but he arrived at The Grey headquarters, where he introduced himself to Choi Jun-kyung.

His appearance could mean the parasite threat is still at large, and he wants to assist Choi Jun-Kyung and The Grey. At the end of his story, Migi, the parasite that lives within him like Su-In and Heidi, is dormant, but if he were to meet another parasite living within its hosts like Su-In and Heidi, then there’s a chance that Migi could wake up.

Editors Note: We recently learned that the appearance of Shinichi Izumi takes place eight years after the events of Parasyte: The Grey.

Parasute The Grey Season 2 On Netflix Renewal Status Su In

Picture: Jeon So Nee as Jeong Su-In

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