‘Kuroko’s Basketball’ Season 3 is Coming to Netflix in September 2021

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kurokos basketball season 3 is coming to netflix in september 2021

Since the second season of Kuroko’s Basketball arrived in May, subscribers who quickly binged the sports anime have been craving for the arrival of the third season. Fans won’t have to wait much longer, as the third and final season of Kuroko’s Basketball arrives in September 2021.

Kuroko’s Basketball became one of the most popular sports anime around during its run between 2012 and 2015 and is comparable to what Haikyuu! is achieving today.

Kuroko, the phantom 6th member of  “The Generation of Miracles,” joins the Seirin High School basketball club. Also joining is Taiga Kagami, who learned how to play basketball in the USA. Together the pair find the winning formula for Seirin, but standing in their way are the remaining five miracles who have each joined new schools and their respective basketball teams.

When is Kuroko’s Basketball season 3 coming to Netflix?

The second season of Kuroko’s Basketball will be available to stream on Netflix on Wednesday, September 1st, 2021.

If you have the Netflix app on your phone you can check the release date for yourself on the Coming Soon page. If you’re worried you’re going to forget, then make sure to click on the bell icon which will remind you on the day that season 3 drops.

kurokos basketball season 3

What is the episode count for Kuroko’s Basketball season 3?

Just like the first and second seasons, Kuroko’s Basketball season 3 will have a total of 26 episodes.

What regions are streaming Kuroko’s Basketball?

There are a total of 35 regions currently streaming Kuroko’s Basketball on Netflix:

Region Seasons Episodes
South Korea 3 76
Hong Kong 3 75
Malaysia 3 75
Phillippines 3 75
Singapore 3 75
Thailand 3 75
Argentina 2 52
Australia 2 52
Belgium 2 52
Brazil 2 52
Canada 2 52
Colombia 2 52
Czech Republic 2 52
Greece 2 52
Hungary 2 52
Iceland 2 52
India 2 52
Israel 2 52
Italy 2 52
Lithuania 2 52
Mexico 2 52
Netherlands 2 52
Poland 2 52
Portugal 2 52
Romania 2 52
Russia 2 52
Slovakia 2 52
South Africa 2 52
Spain 2 52
Sweden 2 52
Switzerland 2 52
Turkey 2 52
Ukraine 2 52
United Kingdom 2 52
United States 2 52


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