Lost in Space Renewed for Season 2: Release Date in 2019?

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Netflix’s latest reboot has audiences absolutely hooked with the remake of Lost in Space. If you’ve already flown through the first ten episodes then you’ll be looking for news about season 2. Here’s what we know.

The brand new series arrived on Netflix on April 13th with ten new episodes reintroducing the world to the Robinson family. The reboot is of the 60’s show of the same name which also spawned a movie in the late 90’s too.

The new show features some impressive visuals with only Altered Carbon competing on the same level of the same budget in the CGI department. Among the new cast is Toby Stephens, Molly Parker, Ignacio Serricchio, Taylor Russell, Maxwell Jenkins and Parker Posey.

How has Lost in Space performed?

The critics and fan reaction to Lost in Space has been overwhelmingly positive so far.  On Rotten Tomatoes over the first weekend, it holds a 71% score. On IMDb, it’s the same at 7.1 while Metacritic is sitting at a 58.

What will happen in season 2?

Obviously, we won’t know exactly what will happen until the next season but after the climactic ending, we do have a glimpse as to where the show is going next. As you may remember, the alien device on Jupiter 2 has taken over and has created a wormhole to a new galaxy. The twist is that Will remembers the new universe.

Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Renewed! (Last updated: 05/14/2018)

Exactly a month after the first season released, Netflix has decided to give the reboot a second season. No further information was given but a short teaser dropped on the shows social media accounts.

When will season 2 be on Netflix?

Given the production values in this show, we think it’s a little optimistic to expect the show to run on an annual release schedule. If it does stick to that release schedule, you can expect a new season next April in 2019.

We think we may be waiting a little longer though given the reasons we’ve mentioned above. As always, we’ll update this post the second we hear new information.

Are you wanting to see Lost in Space to return for a second season? Let us know in the comments.