Are the ‘Mission Impossible’ Movies on Netflix?

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The sixth and latest Mission: Impossible movie will be releasing this year which has inspired us to go in search of the back catalog on Netflix. Below we’ve found every Mission Impossible movie streaming on Netflix plus look at whether the new movie will be coming to Netflix too.

Having grossed over $2.5 billion since the first movie released back in 1996, the movie series is possible the biggest spy series to date with the only close competitor being the James Bond movies. Tom Cruise has featured in every single movie and is set to appear in the sixth.

The sixth movie is releasing in the summer which will see the team reunite for another mission.

Mission: Impossible Movies Streaming on Netflix

Every Mission: Impossible movie is streaming on Netflix but as you’ll know by now, not in the major regions. Here’s a breakdown by movie:

Movie Name Date Released Netflix Regions Streaming
Mission: Impossible 1996 Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Spain
Mission: Impossible 2 2000 Germany, Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Taiwan, Spain
Mission: Impossible III 2006 Canada, France, Germany, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Ireland
Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol 2011 Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Sweden, Singapore
Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation 2015 Australia, Argentina, India, Italy

Important note, Netflix DVD has every single movie available on DVD and Bluray but requires a separate subscription.

Why aren’t the Mission: Impossible movies on Netflix in the United States?

STARZ currently own the streaming licenses to the movies. That means the only way you can watch the movies as part of a subscription is with the Starz channel available on Amazon Prime. Bear in mind you’ll need both subscriptions to watch.

Will Mission: Impossible Fallout coming to Netflix?

As the above would suggest, Netflix in some regions will eventually get the 2018 Fallout edition. Netflix in the United States won’t be getting the movie, however. Sadly we can’t predict exactly when the movie will be on Netflix but typically theatrical movies come to Netflix around a year or two after they initially release.

With thanks to Unogs who provided us with regional data.

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