Motley Crue Biopic ‘The Dirt’ Netflix Soundtrack

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There we have it folks after an immensely long wait the release of The Dirt is here. As expected from a biopic based on one of the biggest rock bands of the 80s, the soundtrack is filled with some incredible songs. Here’s your complete track listing of The Dirt including where to find on Spotify and the YouTube playlist.

The reviews for The Dirt are also in with many taking the biopic as The Dirt Lite. Considering the film is based on the first-hand accounts from the band members themselves you can’t expect them to unload all the dirty little details on the viewers. The sex and drug-fueled parties alone could have spawned sequel let alone one film! Regardless the film is rocking, filled to the nines with some of Motley Crue’s best music.

Here’s the full list of songs that featured in The Dirt.

The Dirt Soundtrack
Song TitlePerformed By
Red HotMotley Crue
Cry Behind the DaisiesThe Jaynetts
Solid Gold Easy ActionT. Rex
Keep On KnockingDeath
On With the ShowMotley Crue
Close EnoughGary Charlson
Total InsanityThe Kind
My Kinda LoverTimmy Cherry
Chequered LoveKim Wilde
A Night of LoveJimmy Carter and the Dallas County Green
Live WireTimmy Cherry
Merry-Go-RoundMotley Crue
Take Me To The TopTimmy Cherry
Go Go BetterThe Colors
PhilosophyHeat Exchange
Piece of Your ActionMotley Crue
Hot Rock and ThunderGoliath
Shout At The DevilTimmy Cherry
Man on the MoonJonathan Elias and John Peterson
Looks That KillMotley Crue
Too Young to Fall in LoveMotley Crue
Big MoneyLiquid Blue
I Can’t WaitNu Shooz
Home Sweet HomeMotley Crue
Girls, Girls, GirlsMotley Crue
Hark! The Herald Angels SingJoel Quilen (Arranged)
Live WireMeghan Kabir
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik – AllegroWolfgang Mozart (Composed)
You Can’t Put Your Arms Round A MemoryJohnny Thunders
Same Ol’ SituationMotley Crue
Kickstart My HeartMotley Crue
The Dirt (EST. 1981)Motley Crue (Feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
Dr. FeelgoodMotley Crue

Some of the songs above such as Live Wire are Motley Crue songs, but for the purpose of the film, some have been covered by other artists.

The Official Album

Alongside the film’s release, Motley Crue released an album. Featuring many of the songs heard in the film, the album also features 3 new tracks by the legendary band. If you are a subscriber you can listen to the album right now!

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The Dirt YouTube Playlist

The soundtrack from The Dirt has also been compiled into a playlist on YouTube.

How did you find the soundtrack to The Dirt? Let us know what your favorite song was in the comments below!