Netflix TUDUM 2023: Every Major Show & Movie Announcement

Missed the live show? Catch up on all the announcements from the event here.

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Pictured: Heart of Stone, One Piece, Stranger Things, Avatar: The Last Airbender

Welcome to your complete TUDUM June 2023 recap. Below we’ll walk you through all the major announcements, including highlights for One Piece, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Extraction 3, and 3 Body Problem.

If you didn’t know, TUDUM is Netflix’s live stream on June 17th to showcase some of its upcoming titles. Held in 2021 and 2022, this is the third annual showcase (although slightly earlier in the year than prior events) with a slight twist in that this event was streamed live to a live-studio audience.

We notably miss out some of the minor video game trailers released throughout TUDUM below but have included them in our games slate article.


If you want to listen to a recap, we ventured onto the Netflix N’ Swill podcast to discuss everything:

Now let’s dig into all the announcements from TUDUM 2023:

Extraction 3 Greenlit

Extraction 2 Netflix Movie Sequel Jpg

Picture: Netflix

Just a day after Extraction 2 was released on Netflix globally, a third movie in the Extraction franchise has been greenlit with Chris Hemsworth back again.

First look at Squid Game: The Challenge

Earlier in the year, we learned that the reality series based on the Korean megahit would be coming out in November 2023 (we’ve since reported it’s likely going to drop on November 15th)

Today we got our first look at the reality series, which is almost distinguishable from the show it’s based on (a fact that has caused it some controversy already).

You Season 5 Teased By Penn Badgley

In a pre-recorded clip that lasts around 40 seconds, Penn Badgley talks about the forthcoming final season (renewed earlier this year) of You teasing that it’ll be an “epic conclusion.”

Badgley teases that there’ll be many loose ends to be tied up as Joe heads back to where it all began, New York City.

Elite Season 7 Release Date Announced

We’ve known for a while that the Spanish teen-drama series Elite would be returning at some point in 2023 with its official date now set for October 20th, 2023.

In the short teaser, we get to see our first look at Anitta who joined the cast for this season.

First look at pictures for Bridgerton Season 3

Nicola Coughlan has been a fixture throughout TUDUM and presented some first-look images for the forthcoming season that shows off Colin and Penelope, who will be the main focus.

No release date was announced for the series, but late 2023 is largely believed to be when we expect the return.

Emily in Paris Season 4 Teased by Lily Collins

Lily Collins promised that the dramatic ending that season 3 ended on wouldn’t end there with dramatic changes planned, plus Emily will be headed on a “Roman holiday.” Does that mean we’re headed to Italy? It does sound like it!

Collins also spoke about some of the questions we have lingering that may get resolved, including:

  • Is Alfie still heartbroken?
  • Will Gabrielle get his Michelin star?
  • Will Mindy and her band go to Eurovision?
  • Will Sylvie’s rekindled relationship last?

As you may have heard, Emily in Paris is currently one of the shows that have been delayed indefinitely while the WGA writer’s strike is ongoing. Filming was expected to get underway in the summer of 2023 despite earlier reports from trades that it had been filmed back-to-back.

Money Heist Spin-off Berlin Trailer

Described as “from the universe of Money Heist,” Berlin focuses on the character played by Pedro Alonso.

The trailer notably didn’t include any dates. We expect the new series to drop in December 2023, with earlier intel suggesting December 29th. Watch this space.

Cobra Kai Season 6 Table Read for Episode 1

Fighting positions! Cobra Kai is getting pumped for its sixth and final season with this new short video showing most of the cast in a hotel suite going through their lines for the forthcoming sixth and final season.

Of course, production was due to get underway for the sixth season in May but has been delayed due to the ongoing WGA writer’s strike.

First look at The Archies

One film Netflix is banking on being a global hit from India is The Archies which we were treated to a brand new first look today. From Zoya Akhtar, the new trailer gives off major Grease vibes promising to be an all-singing and all-dancing affair.

Heartstopper Season 2 Trailer and Episode Titles Revealed

We’re just around the corner from Heartstopper returning to our screens (August 3rd, 2023), and to keep the hype train rolling, Netflix unveiled a new first-look trailer for the upcoming season.

The episode titles for season 2 are as follows:

  • 201 – Out
  • 202 – Family
  • 203 – Promise
  • 204 – Challenge
  • 205 – Heat
  • 206 – Truth / Dare
  • 207 – Sorry
  • 208 – Perfect

3 Body Problem Teaser Trailer and Release Month Unveiled

Presented by Jess Hong, Benedict Wong, Jovan Adepo, Alex Sharp, and John Bradley, we got our very first look at the incredibly ambitious series 3 Body Problem.

Netflix provided an updated synopsis and confirmed the series will consist of eight episodes. The synopsis is as follows:

“A young woman’s fateful decision in 1960s China reverberates across space and time to a group of brilliant scientists in the present day. As the laws of nature unravel before their eyes, five former colleagues reunite to confront the greatest threat in humanity’s history.”

The new series will drop on Netflix sometime in January 2024 (January 1st if I were a betting man!).

Netflix K-Drama South Korea Sizzle

A short sizzle reel of some of the Korean movies and series still to come in 2023 and beyond.


  • Celebrity
  • D.P. (Season 2)
  • Mask Girl
  • A Time Called You
  • Song of the Bandits
  • Ballerina
  • Doona!
  • Daily Dose of Sunshine
  • Sweet Home (Season 2)
  • Believer 2
  • Gyeong Seong Creature

Avatar: The Last Airbender Confirmed for 2024

The cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender has been at the event all weekend, and today we got confirmation the new series will be arriving in 2024.

In a new CG teaser trailer (which leaves a lot to be desired), we look at the logos for the various elements. Water. Earth. Fire. Air. The teaser concludes with Avatar’s logo being flown with the 2024 confirmation.

We also got first look character pictures for four of the main cast:

Rebel Moon Behind-the-Scenes Look

Following Vanity Fair lifting the lid on Rebel Moon a couple of weeks ago, we didn’t get too much more information from TUDUM. Still, we did get Zack Snyder presenting a new exclusive look behind the scenes at the new movie in December 2023. 

One Piece Release Date Confirmation and First Look Trailer

The second biggest news of the event is that One Piece lands on August 31st, 2023, as we’ve been reporting since last September.

Iñaki Godoy (Monkey D. Luffy), Mackenyu (Roronoa Zoro), Emily Rudd (Nami), Jacob Romero Gibson (Usopp), and Taz Skylar (Sanji) featured on stage to present the brand new trailer, which shows off the forthcoming adventures of the straw hats.

FUBAR Renewed for Season 2

Arnie Fubar Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status What We Know So Far Jpeg

Fubar. (L to R) Monica Barbaro as Emma Brunner, Jay Baruchel as Carter Perlmutter, and Arnold Schwarzenegger as Luke Brunner in episode 101 of Fubar. Cr. Amanda Matlovich/Netflix © 2023

Alongside a new teaser trailer, we got confirmation that FUBAR starring Arnold Schwarzenneger will return for a brand new season on Netflix.

Linda Hamilton joins Stranger Things Season 5

Linda Hamilton Stranger Things Season 5 Jpg

Picture: Netflix / IMDb

Although leaked a little earlier in the week, Netflix confirmed that Linda Hamilton (Terminator) will be joining the cast of Stranger Things for its final season.

Heart of Stone Full Trailer Released

Rounding out the show were Gal Gadot, Jamie Dornan, and Alia Bhatt presenting the full trailer for the forthcoming spy thriller Heart of Stone.

Other Highlights From Tudum 2023

There were a number of other shows and movies that got featured but didn’t have any new news. Those included:

  • All The Light We Cannot SeeFeaturette with some new footage.
  • Love is Blind – Season 5 clip dropped ahead of its release in July 2023.
  • LupinNew clip from part 3 coming in October 2023.
  • Outer Banks – The cast confirmed our prior reporting that season 4 is now in production.
  • The Witcher (Season 3)Brand new clip for season 3 presented by Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra, Freya Allan, and Joey Batey.

What were your highlights from Netflix TUDUM? Let us know in the comments down below.

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