Netflix US Renews BBC Shows for 2017

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Netflix has renewed its BBC contract for 2017 and the BBC catalog on Netflix has remained exactly the same. It means we’ll be keeping The Office just before the follow-up David Brent movie comes exclusively to Netflix next month.

Each year, many BBC shows come up for renewal around February. This year, they were all scheduled to be removed on February 1st. They included big hits such as Robin Hood and Copper. Also included are classics such as Keeping Up Appearances and the original House of Cards trilogy.

The ongoing rumors about the BBC creating their own streaming platform (that have been circulating for a couple years now) always makes us a little nervous as to the status of these shows but for the moment, it looks as though they’re safe.

Sadly, it doesn’t appear that any new titles are included in the renewal. If there are any changes, we’ll let you know first on our What’s New page.

Shows Renewed from BBC on Netflix US (January 28th, 2017)

  • The Buccaneers (1 Season)
  • Copper (2 Seasons)
  • House of Cards Trilogy (3 Seasons)
  • Keeping Up Appearances (1 Season)
  • Monarch of the Glen (7 Seasons)
  • North & South (1 Season)
  • The Office (UK – 2 Seasons)
  • Outcasts (1 Season)
  • Robin Hood (3 Seasons)
  • Survivors (2 Seasons)
  • Torchwood (4 Seasons)
  • The Vicar of Dibley (4 Seasons)

Shows that remain exclusive to Netflix in the US

  • Cuckoo (2 Seasons)
  • Danger Mouse (2 Seasons)
  • Happy Valley (2 Seasons)
  • Peaky Blinders (3 Seasons)
  • Pompidou (1 Season)
  • River (1 Season)
  • Sherlock (3 Seasons)
  • The Fall (2 Seasons)
  • The Last Kingdom (1 Season)

If you’re looking for Doctor Who on Netflix in 2017, you’re out of luck as we detailed here. Also, hits like Fawlty Towers which were once streaming on Netflix don’t appear to be coming back anytime soon. Are you happy with the BBC selection on Netflix? Which show from their library would  you like to see streaming?

Are you happy with the BBC selection on Netflix? Which show from their library would you like to see streaming?

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