‘Outlander’ Season 6 Finally Confirms Netflix US Release Date

After a two year wait, you'll finally be able to stream all eight episodes on Netflix US.

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Outlander Season 6 Confirms Netflix Us Release

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For many in international regions (the show streams globally on Netflix, excluding the United Kingdom), you’ve had season 6 of Outlander for quite some time. In fact, most regions pick up new episodes of Outlander on a weekly basis. We’ve now finally got the release date for season 6 on Netflix in the US with confirmation that it’s coming to Netflix US in May 2024. 

Distributed by Sony Pictures Television, Outlander is a Starz Original that’s been on the air since 2014. Its most recent season, season 6, consisted of 8 episodes and aired between March 6th and May 1st, 2022 (remember this date for later on).

The sixth season of Outlander continues Claire and Jamie’s fight to protect those they love as they navigate the trials and tribulations of life in colonial America.

Outlander Season 6 Is Coming to Netflix on May 1st Just As We Predicted

Compared to other regions streaming the show, Netflix US is always the last to get new episodes. Likely because of contractual obligations with Starz, Sony Pictures Television only licensed the show two years after the season airs on the network.

For example, the United States received the fifth season in May 2022, coinciding exactly two years after the season 5 finale aired on May 10th, 2020.

That was why we predicted that Netflix would receive all of season 6 on May 1st, 2024, coinciding with the season 6 finale premiering on May 1st, 2022.

A new notice on the show page confirms that more is coming to Netflix US on May 1st, 2024. That said, the notice does seem to be a little bugged as it only states a “new episode” is on the way when it should say season 6.

Outlander New Episodes Notice Netflix

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With season 6’s release date confirmed on Netflix in the US, you’ll no doubt be aware that season 7 of the show has already aired its first eight episodes of the two-volume season, with the next batch of episodes set to release in November 2024. For many, you’ve already got season 7, while others will have a bit of a long wait. In short, Netflix in international territories will receive new episodes promptly (sometimes the day after they air), while others will have to wait until shortly after the next season is fully completed. In contrast, the US will have to wait two years after the season finale airs, which could be as late as 2026 (if not longer).

In addition, the show has also been given an eighth and final season order by Starz, which is likely coming in 2025. A prequel series is also reportedly on the way

In other Starz/Netflix news – some international territories picked up Vida in the first few months of 2024 and Netflix in the United States will also stream Heels seasons 1 and 2 at some point in 2024.

Are you looking forward to finally watching season 6 of Outlander on Netflix US? Let us know in the comments down below.

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