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May is going to be a stacked month for Original titles. Period. With more and more announcements coming thick and fast one of the titles we are especially looking forward to in May is the release of See You Yesterday. A time traveling drama set in the city of New York, suffice to say we are more than interested! Here’s everything we know on the upcoming Original including the Netflix release date, plot, cast and trailer.

See You Yesterday is an upcoming Sci-Fi Netflix Original based on the short film of the same name directed by Stefon Bristol. After a successful short film that released in 2017, See You Yesterday was then picked up for a feature-length film to be produced by Spike Lee and to be directed by Stefon Bristol once again.

What is the plot of See You Yesterday?

Longtime friends C.J. Walker and Sebastian Thomas are teenage prodigies, both have incredible intellect and bright futures ahead of them. But when C.J.’s brother is wrongfully shot by a police officer the two teenagers build a time machine to stop the wrongful killing. The pair are successful in jumping back in time but will soon learn time-travel is more complex than they ever thought possible.

Is the storyline controversial?

That is purely subjective. In recent years there has been a piercing light on the actions taken by Police officers in the US, especially actions taken against minority citizens. Obviously, the main focus of the film is the time travel aspect but the narrative will likely be a social commentary on some of the issues Black youths face in real life.

Who is in the cast of See You Yesterday?

Role Cast Member Where have I seen/heard them before?
Claudette ‘CJ’ Walker Eden Duncan-Smith Annie | The Lego Ninjago Movie | Roxanne Roxanne
Sebastian J. Thomas Dante Crichlow See You Yesterday (2017 Short)
Calvin Walker Astro A Walk Among the Tombstones | Earth to Echo | Red Band Society
Phaedra Walker Marsha Stephanie Blake Orange is the New Black | The Good Wife | The Blacklist
Gloria Thomas Myra Lucretia Taylor The Big Sick | Elementary | Atlanta
Dennis Owens Wavyy Jones Unsolved | Magnum P.I (2019)
Candice Damaris Lewis BlacKKKlansman | Limitless | New Girl
Officer Battle Frank Harts Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit | Billions | Blue Bloods
Officer Bryce Brett G. Smith The Post | Now You See Me | Daredevil
Zora Taliyah Whitaker The Incredible Jesse James | Roxanne Roxanne | Orange is the New Black
Eduardo Johnathan Nieves Penny Dreadful | Shameless | Grey’s Anatomy


Hasn’t See You Yesterday already debuted?

See You Yesterday debuted in 2017 but the title was released as a short film. Thanks to the success of the short film (nominated for Outstanding Independent Short at the 2018 Black Reel Awards) it paved the way for the title to be made into a feature length title.

Eden Duncan-Smith and Dante Crichlow have returned to reprise their roles of C.J. Walker and Sebastian Thomas respectively. The previous cast members have not returned, with a new cast replacing all the remaining roles.

Will See You Yesterday debut outside of Netflix?

It has been confirmed that See You Yesterday is set to debut at the Trica Film Festival on May 3rd.

Are there any images for See You Yesterday?

There are no images other than the promotional poster for See You Yesterday. Once the title debuts at Trica Film Festival that’s when we expect to see some images released.

Copyright – Netflix and 40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks

When was See You Yesterday produced?

Filming for See You Yesterday began on the 21st of July, 2018 and concluded a month later when the film went post-production on August 21st. We’re unsure on when post-production concluded for the Netflix Original but the time taken on the special effects would have been extensive.

Where was See You Yesterday filmed?

All of the filming for See You Yesterday took place in New York City.

What is the run time for See You Yesterday?

The official run time has yet to be announced for the upcoming Original Sci-Fi. We are expecting the film to have a run time of around 80 to 90 minutes.

Is there a trailer for See You Yesterday?

You betcha. The release date isn’t too far away now so in typical Netflix fashion, they’ve released the trailer within a month of release.

After viewing the trailer it’s safe to say we are more than intrigued!

When is the release date for See You Yesterday?

See You Yesterday will be arriving on Friday the 17th of May, 2019.

Are you looking forward to the release of See You Yesterday? Let us know in the comments below!

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