Sirius the Jaeger Season 2: Renewal Status and Release Date

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In the final month of 2018, Netflix released 4 brand new anime titles one of which was the fantasy thriller Sirius the Jager. Already fans have been asking us if we can expect a second season. So let’s find out if Sirius the Jager will be returning for another season.

Produced by P.A Works animation studio, Sirius the Jaeger is a Japanese anime. While titled as an Original, Netflix did not have involvement in the production of the series but ultimately is the international licensee. The series is not based on any known manga thus it has no source material to work from. Sirius the Jaeger was written by Keigo Koyanagi who has previously worked on other titles such as Angel Beats and Under the Dog. Any further seasons may require his involvement to produce more of the story.

Set in the 1930s a group of Vampire hunters known as Jaegers are out to stop the Vampires from obtaining the Ark of Sirius. Using their shipping company as a disguise to travel the world, their search leads them to Japan. Accompanying the Jaegers is the last member of the Sirius clan Yuliy. Out for revenge for the death of his clan and family Yuily wants nothing more than to bring peace to the world.

Sirius the Jaeger Season 2 Renewal Status

Oficial Renewal Status: Pending (Last updated 01/03/2018)

Netflix is not the producer of Sirius the Jaeger so a second season is up to the P.A Works. Considering Netflix has the international license to stream the anime, the money from the licensing will help the cost of the show’s production. The viewing figures are the deciding factor on whether Netflix will renew the license to stream Sirius the Jaeger. Hopefully, we’ll have news on a second season in the coming months!

Copyright – P.A. Works and Netflix

What can we expect from season 2 of Sirius the Jaeger?


Yuily was successful in retrieving the Ark of Sirius from the Vampire Yevgraf. Rather than hiding its power Yuily wishes to honor his father’s vision of sharing the Ark’s power with all the different races on earth, Vampires included. Now the world’s powers know Yuily holds the power of the Ark, they will surely attempt to hunt him down to retrieve the Ark for themselves.

As for the Vampires, it is unclear what their motivations are after the death of Yevgraf. The Elder Vampires may want to use the power of the Ark for themselves but if Yuily is willing to share its power they may be inclined to help him. Yevgraf was consumed by the power of the Ark and even Yuily is at risk of the same. If Yuily is consumed by its power than the V Shipping Company will have no choice but to take him out.

How have fans reacted to the first season?

It’s easy enough to find positive responses on social media, but after a quick search, the fans positives definitely outweigh the negatives.

When can we expect a release date for season 2 of Sirius the Jaeger?

The length of time taken to produce an anime is extensive. Episodes can require a team to work up to 6 months per episode! Taking that into consideration if another 12 episodes are produced for the season 2 it could take a long time for P.A. Works to develop it. Also, the show airs in Japan first before it arrives on Netflix ultimately this is because it gives the studio time to produce subsequent dubs for the international release. This would add another 12 weeks on top before it arrives on Netflix!

Taking all of this into consideration we speculate that if Netflix receives a second season it will arrive in the Summer or Fall of 2020.

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