‘The Believers’ Thai Crime Thriller Series: Coming to Netflix in March 2024

The Thai crime thriller 'The Believers' is coming to Netflix in March 2024.

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The Believers Season 1 Thai Drama Netflix

Picture: The Believers – Netflix

An exciting new Thai thriller, The Believers, is coming to Netflix in March 2024. We’re keeping track of everything you need to know about The Believers, including the plot, cast, and Netflix release date.

The Believers is an upcoming Thai crime-thriller series written by screenwriters Aumm Aummaraporn Phandintong and Lee Jiraporn Saelee, and directed by Wattanapong Wongwan.

When is The Believers Netflix release date?

We can confirm that The Believers will be released on Netflix on March 27th, 2024.

The Believers Season 1 Thai Drama Netflix Poster

An official trailer hasn’t been revealed. However, the series was seen in Netflix Thailand’s 2024 preview.

What is the plot of The Believers?

After failing their ambitious start-up, a trio of young entrepreneurs must find a way to pay off the mountain of debt. When they accidentally stumble upon a new business opportunity, they begin to exploit people’s religious beliefs for profit.

The Believers Season 1 Thai Drama Netflix Plot Preview 2

Director Wattanapong Wongwan had the following to say about the upcoming Thai drama;

““At the beginning, the religion felt familiar to me, but through extensive research, I uncovered deeper insights that I had previously imagined,” he says. “As I developed the script, I observed society becoming more open-minded, with the very questions that intrigued me now emerging in contemporary discourse. Therefore, I believe the time has come to delve into the questions that have piqued my curiosity since childhood.””

The Believers Season 1 Thai Drama Netflix Plot Preview

Who are the cast members of The Believers?

The three leading cast members are;

James Teeradon Supapunpinyo plays the role of Win, a computer engineer dropout who leads the team in marketing planning.

The Believers Season 1 Thai Drama Netflix Win

Picture: James Teeradon Supapunpinyo as Win – Netflix

Ally Achiraya Nitibhon plays the role of Deer, a graphic designer who also oversees PR.

The Believers Season 1 Thai Drama Netflix Deer

Picture: Ally Achiraya Nitibhon as Deer (bottom – Netflix

Peach Pachara Chirathivat plays the role of Game, an adventurous teenager who brings funding to the table.

The Believers Season 1 Thai Drama Netflix Game

Picture: Peach Pachara Chirathivat as Game (left) – Netflix

The supporting cast members are;

  • Petch Paopetch Charoensook as Ekkachai
  • Patchai Pakdesusuk as Don
  • Tik Klinsee as Taeng

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