Netflix’s ‘Sense8’ Stars – Where are they now in 2019?

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Having just marked the 1st year anniversary of the Sense8 Finale episode “Amor Vincit Omnia” on June 8th, it is time to check-in with everyone’s favorite cluster and the stars of the globetrotting Netflix Original. From theatrical releases to television series, the stars of Sense8 have a busy year up ahead.

Here’s where fans can catch their beloved Sense8 cast members on screen in 2019.

The Cluster – Where are they now?

Brian J. Smith

Fan favorite Brian J. Smith is set to star in World War II drama World On Fire alongside Academy Award winner Helen Hunt, Sean Bean, and fellow Sense8 star Max Reimelt.

Shot in European cities including Prague, the series penned by Peter Bowker of “The A Word” fame is set around the interconnected fates of ordinary citizens in Germany, Poland, France, America and Britain and the human cost of conflict in a war-torn continent. The high intensity and emotionally charged drama will focus on the first year of World War II and is directed by Adam Smith.

Brian will also play a lead role in the action drama TV series based on the Bourne Identity film franchise. Titled “Treadstone,” the series will air on the USA Network with creator Tim Kring at the helm. Jeremy Irvine (Mamma Mia 2, War Horse) is cast to play the other lead in this highly anticipated television adaptation of the Bourne film series which will follow Bourne and his bid to stop sleeper agents awakened to carry out deadly missions in the first season.

Tuppence Middleton

Brian J. Smith’s on-screen love interest Riley Blue actress Tuppence Middleton, on the other hand, can be seen in theatres at the premiere of the much-touted Downtown Abbey film where she takes on the role of Lucy.

Middleton also starred in the comedy-drama Fisherman’s Friends which centers around a group of fishermen who score a top 10 hit in the charts after landing a record deal with Universal Records. Released earlier this year, the biographical rags to riches tale of Cornish musician Port Isaac was directed by Chris Foggin also featured James Purefoy (HBO’s Rome) and earned the #2 spot at the UK Box Office in the week of its release. Shadowplay is a new series debuting next year in which fans can catch Tuppence’s performance along with the films Lie to You, Possessor and Clifton Hill which are both in post-production. The actress also wrote and appeared in a four-part short film titled ‘Four’ with Game of Thrones alum Iwan Rheon and appearances by Juliet Stevenson, Nicholas Pinnock, and Jack Farthing.

Jamie Clayton

Sense8’s resident cyber hacker actress Jamie Clayton was recently signed to star in season 3 of the Kiefer Sutherland Netflix Original Designated Survivor. Taking on the role of Sasha Booker, Clayton will appear in 6 episodes of the critically acclaimed series and feels confident that Sense8 fans will embrace her new avatar as fervently as Nomi Marks. Speaking to the actress went so far as to say “The same things that drew me to Nomi drew me to Sasha. Sasha has a much different journey but she does have fearlessness and empathy that I really respect and admire in human beings full stop. I think that fans of Nomi will really love Sasha’s empathy and her fight.”

Toby Onwumere

Toby Onwumere, who gave life to Sense8’s ever optimistic, Van Damme super fan Capheus is continuing to shine and break boundaries in his turn as Kai on Emmy Award-winning series Empire, as a gay character diagnosed with HIV.

Max Reimelt

Max Riemelt, the cluster’s resident bad boy and safe breaker, who starred in German rom-com  “Die Freundin Meiner Mutter“ or “My Mother’s Girlfriend“ and Kopfplatzen last year will take on the TV mini-series Supercrew and Afterlands where he essays the role of Kruger in the Pall Grimsson film which documents the true story of a failed 1871 USS Polaris trek to the North Pole.

Miguel Angel Silvestre

Latin heartthrob Miguel Angel Silvestre is set to get hearts racing once again in 2019 in Celso Garcia’s Spanish version of the Julia Roberts hit My Best Friend’s Wedding titled “La Boda De Mi Mejor Amigo. His most anticipated role as Death Row inmate  Pablo Ibar in television miniseries En El Corredor De La Muerte, however, is his most challenging role in 2019 as he plays a man found guilty of a triple homicide in 1990’s Florida. Miguel will also star as Paco in horror genre TV series 30 Coins directed by Alex de la Iglesia, which is set to premiere on HBO Europe.

Doona Bae

Across the world in South Korea, Doona Bae who kicked her way into the limelight as Sense8’s Sun Bak stars as Seobi in Korean Netflix supernatural-themed series Kingdom which centers around the spread of a mysterious plague,  the rise of a long-dead monarch and a prince’s quest to save his country. Fans can also catch Doona in Netflix series Persona, a South Korean anthology series directed by 4 of the country’s top filmmakers. Doona stars in the episode titled Love Set directed and written by Lee Kyoung-mi.

Freema Agyeman

Freema Agyeman, who’s best known as Amanita on Sense8 is starring in the second season of NBC’s hit medical drama series New Amsterdam where she stars alongside Sense8 alum Anupam Kher.

Side Kicks & Villains

Alfonso Herrera who played Lito Rodriguez’s main squeeze in Sense8 stars in Sitiados, a Mexican television mini-series and is also set to appear as Inaqui in the comedy film Me Casé Con Un Idiota.

Felix actor Max Mauff is a part of the cast of 2019 film Cleo: If I Could Turn Back Time and German TV series Tatort. Appearing as Sterz in A Hidden Life by award-winning director Terence Mallik, Mauff will join a star-studded cast on this film based on the life of Austrian St. Franz Jägerstätter who refused to fight for the Nazis during World War II.

This year’s film The Last Black Man in San Francisco featuring Danny Glover and Joe Talbot also star’s Sense8’s favorite mom Maximilienne Ewalt.

Anupam Kher who’s better known as Mr. Dandekar meanwhile appears as former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, in the feature film The Accidental Prime Minister directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte.

Sense8 villain Milton actor Terence Mann can be seen in the newest season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and will reprise his role as Harris Van Ness in The Blacklist.

Paul Ogola who every Sense8 fan affectionately refers to as Jela, on the other hand, appeared on Netflix series Sacred Games alongside Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

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