‘The Chosen One’ Season 2 Coming to Netflix in November 2019

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The Chosen One (Netflix)

Brazillian Netflix Original The Chosen One came to Netflix in late June 2019 but not only has the series been renewed for a second season, but it’s also arriving on Netflix by the end of 2019. Here’s what we know.

The show represents the third big title to come out of Brazil for Netflix which includes the likes of Samantha! and the biggest title, 3%.

Based on the Mexican series Niño Santo, the series sees three doctors try to effectively infiltrate a cult and hopefully deliver a vaccine that would save lives. What they find is something they did not anticipate.

All six episodes that makeup season 1 of The Chosen One released on Netflix on June 28th, 2019.

There’s plenty of choices for audio and subtitles available for the show with an English dub available as well as dubs for French and Polish.

Reviews for the show have been pretty split down the middle. Over at IMDb, the show is currently sitting on a 5.9/10. Reviews in Brazil are also mixed with plenty of criticism but given the show deals in religion, it’s not entirely surprising.

The Chosen One Season 2 Official Renewal Status

Renewal Status: Renewed (Last updated: 07/24/2019)

When we first reported on season 2 of The Chosen One we knew that according to one report out of Brazil filming on the second season has already begun. The title says the following (translated from Portuguese): “Netflix returns to record in Natividade the second season of the series The Chosen One”.

However, at the end of July, Netflix confirmed that not only was season 2 on the way, but it’d also be releasing on Netflix later in 2019.

With foreign Netflix Originals, you often have to rely on local reporting for when seasons get renewed. We’ll continue monitoring for you but at this point in time, we’d assume the show’s future is still unclear.


Warning: Mild spoilers ahead.

The ending of season 1 certainly sets up a second season with two of the Doctors discussing going back to the cult to discover how Escolhido is doing what he’s doing.

Dr. Lúcia is resistant to head back to the cult but once she discovers she’s been injected with one of the two new mutations, she’ll have little choice in season 2.

Here are some of the other details confirmed for season 2:

  • The cast set to reprise their roles include Paloma Bernardi, Renan Tenca, Gutto Szuster, Pedro Caetano, Alli Willow, Tuna Dwek, Lourinelson Vladmir, Francisco Gaspar, Kiko Vianello, Aury Porto and Mariano Mattos Martins. Giselle Itié joins the original cast for this season.
  • This season, full of hooks and mysteries, includes 6 45-minute episodes produced by Mixer Films for Netflix.

When will season 2 of The Chosen One be on Netflix?

We intially thought season 2 wouldn’t be out until 2020 but that’s since been confirmed to not be the case. Instead, the series is now due to return in November 2019 as per the season 2 announcement.

Once we hear more on The Chosen One season 2, we’ll be back and will continuously update this post to reflect new findings.

Do you want to see The Chosen One back on Netflix for season 2? Let us know in the comments.

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