The Good Place will end after Season 4

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We’ve already seen three hilarious seasons of Elanor and friends and their antics the afterlife. With the fourth season scheduled to arrive on NBC and Netflix internationally this fall, it has been announced that Season 4 will be the last ever season of The Good Place. But why is The Good Place drawing to a close? Let’s find out.

The Good Place is arguably one of the best sitcoms in the past 10 years. Debuting in 2016, the series hit the ground running and fast became everyone’s favorite sitcom. Internationally the series is recognized as a Netflix Original, meanwhile, stateside the sitcom aired week to week on NBC. The news that The Good Place will conclude the story with its fourth season may have come as a massive surprise to many considering how beloved the series is.

The decision to end the series didn’t come lightly but you’ll be happy to learn The Good Place isn’t ending due to cancelation, instead, the decision came to down to Michael Schur, the creator of The Good Place.

As you can see from the tweet above, Michael Schur and his writing team have decided to call it a day. What this does mean is that The Good Place unlike the Netflix Original Santa Clarita Diet, will have a conclusive ending.

Why it’s a good thing The Good Place is ending

The fact that The Good Place is ending will definitely be upsetting for some fans but there are some positives to take from the series coming to an end.

As Michael Schur stated in his tweet:

We don’t want to tread water just because the water is so warm and pleasant.

Effectively what he meant by this is he didn’t want to see the quality of the series decline over time. Why overstay your welcome when you can go out on a massive high?

We’ve seen too many times throughout the year’s when TV shows more than overstayed their welcome. By ending the series after four seasons this maintains the quality of the story and will always be remembered as such instead of joining the growing list of TV series that once had excellent stories and writing only to decline to the point that breaks the hearts of fans everywhere.

The story of The Good Place is fantastic, and while we believe Michael and his writing staff could have written more seasons of excellent comedy we agree with his decision to end the series, preserving the quality of the show.

When is The Good Place Season 4 release date?

The Good Place will be returning to TV on the 26th of September. Episodes will air on NBC on Thursday nights, while Netflix subscribers outside of the US will receive episodes the following day, starting on the 27th of September.

This was confirmed in a tweet by the Netflix UK & Ireland Twitter account:

Netflix subscribers in the USA and Canada you’ll be waiting a lot longer for the series to arrive on Netflix. In previous years the latest season would arrive a few weeks prior to the release of the latest season. With a fifth season not arriving in the Fall of 2020, this could mean the series may arrive a few weeks or months after The Good Place concludes. The likely scenario will be business as usual with Season 4 dropping on Netflix in September 2020.

What about season 3 for Netflix US and Canada?

At the time of this update, the season 3 is yet to land on Netflix US and Canada. The third season will be arriving in September 2019 but an official date is yet to be confirmed.

Will you be sad to see the end of The Good Place? Let us know in the comments below.

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