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The Highwaymen is now on Netflix and with it comes a fantastic soundtrack full of music that’s reflective of the time era the movie is set in. The trailer also featured some great music too and we’ll list all of that including a Spotify playlist below.

As we said above, the music for the movie is a collective tribute to the music from the 1930’s that the movie is set in.

Reviews for the move have been positive thus far with Metacritic with a 58 on Metacritic with most saying the movie tells the most compelling version of the Bonnie and Clyde events.

The song from the trailer is from Reuben And The Dark and is called “Hallelujah”.

The main soundtrack consists of music from Thomas Newman who has been nominated for a total of 14 Oscars in his career but sadly has never won. He’s worked on the music for movies such as Skyfall, Wall-E, and American Beauty. Plus he’s also worked on TV series such as Netflix’s Five Came Back, Castle Rock, The Newsroom and Christine.

List of Original Music for The Highwaymen

  • Ford V-8 Deluxe (Main Title)
  • Eastham Prison Farm
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • Ain’t She Fun
  • 16 Bullets
  • Maney Gault
  • Coffeyville
  • Red Beans & Cabbage
  • Across Texas
  • Into Oklahoma
  • Laudanum
  • West Dallas Viaduct
  • Bottle Boy
  • Pump Jockey
  • The Other Fifty
  • Bad Seed
  • Billy Mace
  • Dope for the Girl
  • Easter Morning
  • Metal Man
  • Candelaria
  • Bienville Parish, LA
  • Cement City
  • Ringgold Road
  • The Shame of Arcadia
  • Terrible Gift
  • The Highwaymen (End Title)

Songs Listed in the Credits for The Highwaymen

  • Afraid to Dream – Benny Goodman and his Orchestra
  • Bass Man Jive – Ocie Stockard and His Wanderers
  • St. Louis Blues – Joshua Gouzy, Matt Rhody, Russell Welch
  • After You’re Gone – Joshua Gouzy, Matt Rhody and Russell Welch

Thomas Newman has also gone the extra mile by embedding all the songs from the movie in a Spotify playlist.

There you have it, the soundtrack for The Highwaymen. Did you enjoy the movie? Let us know in the comments.

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