‘The NeverEnding Story’ is Coming to Netflix UK in October 2019

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The NeverEnding Story

A childhood classic is headed to Netflix in October that gained additional exposure from earlier in the year from Stranger Things. The NeverEnding Story movie is headed to Netflix in the United Kingdom on October 1st, 2019. 

Based on the novel of the same name, the movie served as the first of three in the franchise. It was groundbreaking as the most expensive movie ever made out of the US at the time and

The movie is still fondly remembered and as Retroheadz recounts it: “captivated and engrossed a generation of kids with its fantastic special effects, stunning scenery, compelling story, and creatures”.

The movie comes to Netflix with the streaming service seeming to follow Disney’s recent success by reviving older titles such as The Dark Crystal and upcoming movies such as Pinnochio among others.

The NeverEnding Story is scheduled to arrive on Netflix UK on October 1st, 2019.

We’re also tracking all the other Netflix UK additions for October 2019 in our monthly preview which will likely get fully fleshed out closer to the end of this month.

October 1st release date for The NeverEnding Story

Will other regions get The NeverEnding Story?

Not at the moment. Only Netflix UK is currently scheduled to get the movie. The movie is, however, currently streaming on Netflix in Japan, Spain, and Portugal.

Could Netflix revive The NeverEnding Story for a reboot?

Some have speculated and wished for a remake or continuation of The NeverEnding Story to come to Netflix. However, as Warner Brothers found out back in 2011, securing the rights to the movie seem to be particularly difficult.

Would you watch a reboot or remake? Let us know in the comments.

The Stranger Things Boost

We know that Netflix uses searches and trends to make decisions when it comes to picking up movie and TV licenses. In this instance, the popularity of the movie likely skyrocketed around July 4th when Stranger Things 3 notably included the theme song.

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