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Welcome to your first look at everything on the way to Netflix in October 2019 and it’s shaping up to be a fantastic month for new additions. This list is all the currently announced Netflix Originals coming up in October. 

As of the original publishing of this article in August 2019, there are quite a few rumored October release dates which we’ve included at the bottom but be warned they are subject to date changes.

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Please note: The full list of October 2019 releases will likely arrive in the last couple of weeks of September 2019.

Carmen Sandiego (Season 2)

Netflix Release Date: October 1st

As we first reported in early September, Carmen Sandiego is getting her second global outing as we roll into October. The animated series first debuted on Netflix earlier this year to fan acclaim and now we’re headed back with more adventures with the world traveling detective.

Seis Manos (Season 1)

Netflix Release Date: October 3rd

Although this is an anime title, don’t let that put you off, this animated title that comes from Viz Media is about three orphans trained in Chinese martial arts.

With a strong voice cast including the likes of Mike Colter and Danny Trejo, this is likely going to be one of the sleeper hits of October.

Big Mouth (Season 4)

Netflix Release Date: October 4th

We hope you’re ready for more filth as Big Mouth returns for its third full outing on Netflix in early October. The series is now a staple of the animated library on Netflix with three more seasons already ordered that will be coming to Netflix over the next few years.

Big Mouth season 3 is expected to continue to document the trials and tribulations of being a teen with those hormonal monsters lurking in the background. We’ve got more on Big Mouth S3 in our preview.

In the Tall Grass (2019)

Netflix Release Date: October 4th

Netflix has had a solid run in the past adapting Stephen King horror novels and that is set to continue in October.

The new movie is about two kids venturing out into a field of grass but never being able to find their way out again. Patrick Wilson, Laysla De Oliveria, Harrison Gilbertson, Avery Whitted, and Rachel Wilson star.

Peaky Blinders (Season 5)

Netflix Release Date: October 4th

As we first predicted, Peaky Blinders is headed to Netflix exclusively soon after it finishes its season 5 run in the United Kingdom. It’s now been confirmed that season 5 will arrive just a day or two after its UK finale airs.

The series follows a gang that’s now at the height of their game going into season 5 with Cillian Murphy’s character, Thomas Shelby, now headed to Parliament.

Raising Dion (Season 1)

Netflix Release Date: October 4th

Looking for new sci-fi superhero content? This one could absolutely be up your street. A young boy is found out to have superpowers and it’s down to his single mother to try and raise him right with his newfound gifts.

We’ve got more on what you can expect from the first season of Raising Dion in our preview.

For now, we can leave you with a look at what you can expect with the comic book trailer that released four years ago.

Rotten (Season 2)

Netflix Release Date: October 4th

We’re headed back to the farms and supermarkets to dig into some of the dirty secrets that the food industry don’t want you to know. The series comes from a well-known docu-series maker behind the likes of Parts Unknown and remains one of the best Netflix Original docu-series to date.

Super Monsters (Season 3)

Netflix Release Date: October 4th

Kids favorite Super Monsters is coming back in early October for its third season. It got a special series over the summer called Super Monsters Monster Pets.

This will be the third full season that’ll see the return of many of the historic villains and monsters including the likes of Frankenstein, werewolves, and witches.

We first reported season 3 of Super Monsters would arrive in October back in May.

Legend Quest: Masters of Myth

Netflix Release Date: October 5th

It’s been over two and a half years since the first Mexican made animated series on Netflix debuted and we’re finally headed back for more monster-slaying adventures with Leo.

Rhythm + Flow (Season 1)

Netflix Release Date: Weekly episodes starting October 9th

This three-week event which is the first of its kind for Netflix that is Netflix’s first proper talent competition and first hip-hop competition period.

Featuring Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and Tip we’ll see teams battle it out to make music history.

El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019)

Netflix Release Date: October 11th

It’s finally happening. Netflix’s worldwide premiere of the long-rumored Breaking Bad movie will be happening in early October.

We don’t know exactly what’s going to happen in El Camino but what we do know is that we’ll be following the events after the explosive season finale of the main series.

Eli (2019)

Netflix Release Date: October 18th

Netflix has once again employed the talents of two titles on Netflix, The Haunting of Hill House and Gerald’s Game to produce Eli, it’s flagship horror title coming to Netflix for Halloween.

The story is about a boy receiving treatment for a life-threatening illness lives in a house that’s haunted.

Living With Yourself (Season 1)

Netflix Release Date: October 18th

In a similar vein to Sextuplets which sees one actor plays multiple roles, Netflix is giving the same opportunity to Paul Rudd. Rudd will play the role of Miles who has been replaced by another version of himself after attending a spa treatment.

The series is a comedy that has been created by Timothy Greenberg who was behind The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

The House of Flowers (Season 2)

Netflix Release Date: October 18th

The Spanish-language equivalent of Bloodline first released back in 2018 is returning for its long-awaited second season.

We’ll be continuing to navigate through the lies and conspiracies surrounding a wealthy family. We also know the cast lineup is changing for season 2 plus we’re visiting some new locations. You can read more about that in our season 2 preview for The House of Flowers.

The good news, beyond just the season 2 release date, is that the series has already been renewed for season 3 due out in 2020.

The Laundromat (2019)

Netflix Release Date: October 18th

With a massive cast featuring the names of Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman, Jeffery Wright, and Sharon Stone, this is a comedy event that Netflix is eying for the Oscars.

The film follows a widow investigating insurance fraud which takes her to Panama City.

Daybreak (Season 1)

Netflix Release Date: October 24th

Daybreak is a brand new teen zombie thriller series that’s easily comparable to Zombieland in it being outlandish and a little absurd. It can also be compared to The CW’s Riverdale (coming to Netflix in most regions weekly in October) for being directly aimed at teens.

The series sees Josh searching for his girlfriend who goes missing during the apocalypse.

Dolemite Is My Name (2019)

Netflix Release Date: October 25th

Expect to see plenty of Eddie Murphy on Netflix over the coming year as Netflix invests heavily in the comedian. He first featured in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee last month as a special guest and is scheduled to get a stand-up special too.

This movie sees Eddie go back to his roots playing the role of an eccentric character.

Rattlesnake (2019)

Netflix Release Date: October 25th

Directed and written by Zak Hilditch (who worked on 1922 for Netflix in 2017), this crime mystery drama has been slated to be one of the movies in Netflix’s Halloween lineup.

The movie is about a single mother who seeks help after her daughter is bitten by a rattlesnake but only if she kills someone.

The Kominsky Method (Season 2)

Netflix Release Date: October 25th

One of the breakthrough comedies of 2018 was The Kominsky Method with Chuck Lorre (The Big Bang Theory and Two and Half Men) and viewers were pleasantly surprised when it was given a second season.

We’ll be continuing to see Sandy and Norman living their twilight years with plenty of twists and turns along the way.

Netflix Original Standup Coming in October 2019

  • Nikki Glaser: Bangin’ – October 1st
  • Martin Matte: La vie, la mort… eh la la…! – October 14th
  • Jenny Slate: Stage Fright – October 22nd

Other Foreign Netflix Original Releases

  • Super Monsters: Vida’s First Halloween (Special) – October 4th
  • The Spooky Tale of Captain Underpants Hack-a-Ween – October 8th
  • The Hook Up Plan (Season 2) – French comedy series – October 11th
  • Banlieusards – French music special – October 12th
  • Street Flow – French drama movie – October 12th
  • Seventeen – Spanish coming-of-age drama – October 18th
  • Brotherhood – Portuguese crime drama series – October 25th
  • Nowhere Man – Mandarin thriller series – October 31st

Rumored October 2019 Releases

  • Beastars (Anime Series) – A new anime series Beastars is being lined up for release exclusively for Netflix but we’re not sure if this one is just releasing in Japan in October of the world.
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