TORE Swedish Comedy Series is Coming to Netflix in October 2023

Swedish comedy series from William Spetz TORE is coming to Netflix in October 2023.

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tore swedish comedy series coming to netflix in october 2023

Picture: TORE – B-Reel Films

TORE, an exciting new Swedish comedy series is coming to Netflix in October 2023. We’ve got everything you need to know about TORE, including the plot, cast, trailer, and Netflix release date.

TORE is an upcoming Swedish comedy-drama series written, created, and starring by William Spetz. The director of the series is Erika Calmeyer, with Anna-Klara Carlsten listed as the producer. B-Reel Films is the production studio behind the series.

When is the TORE Netflix release date?

Thanks to the release of the official trailer, we can confirm that TORE will be released on Netflix on Friday, October 27th, 2023.

What is the plot of TORE?

The synopsis for TORE has been sourced from Netflix;

“When 27-year-old Tore loses the most important person in his life in a garbage truck accident, he does everything he can to suppress his grief. During the days, he continues to work at his father’s funeral home as if nothing has happened and starts flirting with the new florist Erik. At night, he establishes himself on a party boat in the city and experiences alcohol, sex and drugs for the first time. A new and beautiful, but risky, world suddenly opens up to Tore, but his best friend Linn and the colleagues at the funeral home quickly start to worry that Tore is about to lose his footing in his desperate attempts to escape reality.”

spetz tore swedish comedy series coming to netflix in october 2023

Who are the cast members of TORE?

William Spetz plays the lead role of Tore. Spetz previously starred in the 2019 Swedish drama series Quicksand in the role of Samir Said. Outside of Netflix, the actor has starred in films such as Day by Day, Sune vs. Sune, and I Love You. As for television, he starred in dramas such as Mäklarna, Andra åket, and Filip och Mona.

william spetz tore swedish comedy series coming to netflix in october 2023

Picture: William Spetz as Tore – B-Reel Films

Sana Sundqvist plays the role of Linn. TORE will be a Netflix debut for the actress who previously starred alongside William Spetz in the drama series Andra åket. She previously starred in movies such as Call Mom!, Psychosis in Stockholm, and Kingdom of Sweden.

Sanna Sundqvist tore swedish comedy series coming to netflix in october 2023

Picture: Sana Sundqvist as Linn – B-Reel Films

Peter Haber plays the role of Bosse. Haber is most well known for playing the role of Martin Vanger in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The actor will also be making his Netflix debut in the movie.

peter haber tore swedish comedy series coming to netflix in october 2023

Pictured: William Spetz (left) and Peter Haber (right) – B-Reel Films

The remaining supporting cast members of TORE are as follows;

  • Hannes Fohlin (Karawane) as Erik.
  • Victor Iván (The Hypnosis) as Viggo.
  • Carlos Romero Cruz (Dumpad) as Shady Meat.
  • Karin Bertling (Let Me Go) as Heidi.
  • Lotta Tejle (Mäklarna) as Ulla.
  • Per Svensson (Death of a Pilgrim) as Per.
  • Doreen Ndagire (Comedy Queen) as Lo.

What is the episode count?

It has been confirmed that there will be a total of six episodes. Runtimes have not been confirmed.

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