Travelers Season 4: Renewal Status & Release Date

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After that finale do we really have to wait of least another year before a season 4 of Travelers? Speaking of which has Netflix even renewed for a fourth season yet? Let’s find out!

Travelers is a Canadian Sci-Fi show created by Brad Wright. Wright most well-known work is his co-creation of the Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe. Travelers was created as co-production between Canadian network Showcase and Netflix. The co-production ended after 2 seasons to which Netflix picked the sole production of the third season.

After a series of mistakes by humanity and numerous natural disasters in the 21st Century, hundreds of years in the future humanity is on the brink of extinction. To write the wrongs of the past humanity in one last-ditch effort create the A.I known as the director. Using historical information the Director can transfer the conscious of those in the future to the minds of those in the past who are about to die. Naming themselves the ‘Travelers’ different teams from around the world attempt to save humanities future.

Travelers Season 4 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Cancelled (Last Updated 12/23/2018)

In February 2019, Netflix canceled the show announcing there would be no season 4. Here’s the full reaction from cast and crew plus why we believe the show was canceled.

What can we expect of season 4?


It looks like a soft reboot of the team is coming for season 4. With Mac being sent back in time before the arrival of Traveler 001, he was able to send a warning to the director of the traveler program being a failure. But the season ended ominously with the Traveler beginning Version 2 of the Traveler program.

There are some burning questions we have for the next season but it may be unlikely ‘Mac’ will reunite with his original team. Without the influence of Traveler 001, Marcy was never subjected to the experiment that caused her to lose her mind thus fate leads her to meet David.

This doesn’t mean that Marcy isn’t supposed to die, but a bitter twist for the audience could be David dying and a Traveler takes control of him. As for the other remaining teammates it can be expected they will still arrive the same way they were supposed to.

Are fans asking for a fourth season?

You better believe it!

Travelers Season 4 Release Date

This entirely depends on the renewal date and when production begins. At the earliest we can expect a late 2019 release date but is it more likely to expect the fourth season in early 2020.

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