When will Aquarius Season 2 be on Netflix?

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Although Aquarius Season 2 wrapped up on NBC on the 10th of September 2016, we’re still waiting for a Netflix release date, but we may have some information on when you will be getting season 2 of Aquarius on Netflix. 

The NBC series which stars The X-Files and Californication’s star David Duchovny took us back to 1967 in LA where we follow an LAPD detective investigating the case of a missing girl. Sadly, the series has been canceled after only two seasons leaving a few story threads unfinished at the end of the 26 episodes. TVLine cites both falling viewing figures and a hectic schedule for David Duchovny as the reason for cancellation.

The series also features Gethin Anthony, Emma Dumont, Claire Holt, Grey Damon, Madisen Beaty and Ambry Childers and sat around the 3/5 mark with most critics.

Back to the point, when will the second and final season of Aquarius hit Netflix? Let’s take a look. Given the cancellation of the show, less pressure is put on Netflix to release the show before the new season release date because there isn’t one. With that said, we do need to look at the previous season premiere date to determine when it’ll hit.

Season 1 of Aquarius was added in May 2016 which meant that viewers had a month to catch up with the show on Netflix before season 2 began. Season 2 did air a month later than what season 1 did. Given NBC’s previous contracts with Netflix sees their shows updated on Netflix in yearly periods, we predict that May 2017 will be when we see Aquarius Season 2 come to Netflix.

With that said, NBC has been on a bit of a mission as of late pulling a lot of their shows from Netflix. This includes the likes of Heroes, Chuck, and Fringe to name a few. Could Aquarius be the next on the list?

Unlike a lot of canceled shows, a petition hasn’t been started for Netflix to revive the show for a season 3 which must show content that NBC did a good job at wrapping up the story.

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