When will Cars 3 be on Netflix?

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Cars 3 is coming to Netflix US and most likely Netflix Canada too. It comes as part of the Disney arrangement with Netflix and below, we’ll cover what that deal entails and when exactly we’re likely to be streaming the next Cars movie on Netflix.

Cars is a long-running Disney Pixar franchise which has also spawned off a few spinoff movie series too. The original Cars movie released back in 2006 and is widely considered to be the best of the two that are currently available. The movie centers around a racing driver called Lightning McQueen who gets lost and must find himself in the small town of Radiator Springs.

As of right now, both of the movies are available on Netflix but only in selected regions. The original movie is available on Netflix in most South-American countries as well as Switzerland. The second cars movie is only available in Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, and Brazil. As for those in the US, an animated short called Cars Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales is available to stream.

Returning to its roots, Cars 3 will once again stack the odds up against Lightning has he’s forced out of the sport he loves. It won’t be relying on an over-the-top plot like the second movie did and looks to be a welcome return to form for Cars.

As you may already know, Netflix entered into an agreement back at the start of 2016 which brings all new theatrical Disney movies, including those from Pixar to Netflix roughly 6-8 months after the movie first hits. The first Pixar movie to hit Netflix was Finding Dory back in February 2017. We’ve also seen Marvel and other Disney movies added as part of the deal.

Given Cars 3 has basically the same release schedule as Finding Dory, we suspect that it’ll exactly replicate for Cars 3. That means we’re most likely getting Cars 3 added to Netflix US in February 2018 with Canada either getting it shortly beforehand or slightly thereafter.

As for the United Kingdom, Sky currently owns the streaming rights for past and future Disney movies.

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