When will ‘Good Witch’ Season 5 be on Netflix?

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Good Witch – Picture: Hallmark

Good Witch season 5 returned in 2019 and has since concluded on Hallmark channel but when will Netflix be getting the season 5 release of Good Witch? Here’s a breakdown of all the regions scheduled to see season 5.

Hallmark Channel are mainly known for their feel-good movies but in recent years, they’ve expanded into serialized content and Good Witch is possibly their best title to release to date.

The series follows the mother and daughter duo of Cassie Nightingale and daughter Grace.

Season 5, which aired between June and August 2019 in the United States on the Hallmark Channel sees the big wedding of Cassie and Sam. It’s also a big season as it sees the departure of Bailee Madison who plays the role of Grace.

When will Good Witch season 5 be on Netflix in the US?

Netflix in the United States gets new seasons of Good Witch roughly a year after they conclude their airing.

Here’s how new seasons of the show have dropped over the past few years. Season 2 was added in April 2017, season 3 in May 2018 whereas season 4 arrived on Netflix in July 2019.

Season 5 will likely arrive on Netflix in the US in mid-2020. That’s anywhere between April to August 2020.

Good Witch Season 5 Netflix UK Release Date

Netflix in the United Kingdom is another region that gets yearly episode drops. That was up until season 4 which arrived two days after its US finale release date.

The show’s fifth season has yet to be added but that’s likely because season 5 ran past when the show traditionally gets renewed. In the worst-case scenario, we’ll see season 5 added in July 2020 but hopefully, it’ll drop sooner.

Netflix Australia is also likely to stick to a similar schedule to Netflix UK in that it’ll be available in some time in early-to-mid 2020.

Netflix Canada doesn’t carry Good Witch.

Looking even further ahead? Then we’ve got good news for you in that department too. Season 6 was given a quick renewal and is expected to be arriving at some point in 2020. We’ll update that once we know more and bring you a season 6 release schedule around then too.

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