When will It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 12 be on Netflix?

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FX’s hit comedy sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was back in 2017 with season 12 and with season 13 of the show soon to be airing, many Netflixers will be looking to Netflix to catch up on season 12. You’ve probably noticed season 12 hasn’t arrived just yet so we’re going to let you know when it’s coming plus some potentially bad news too.

Updated (11/20/2017): Netflix will be removing all eleven seasons of It’s Always Sunny on December 10th, 2017. That means that season 12 will not be coming to Netflix US.

The show is one of FX’s longest running sitcoms and while initially airing on FX it was later moved to FXX from the 9th season onwards. Fans have agreed that the move has made little to no difference as the show stays as edgy and relevant as ever making a highly sought after title to watch and re-watch on Netflix.

Netflix US Season 12 Release Date

Netflix US, unfortunately, has to wait the longest time period before getting new episodes dropping. FX uses Netflix as a promotional tool for its shows so it typically drops its shows just before the new season is due to begin airing. For the last few years, FXX has been airing the show consistently in January meaning the Netflix release date has remained consistent too.

Season 12 will most likely be coming to Netflix in January 2018 which will give you very little time to catch up on the ten new episodes.

Netflix UK Release Date

For those in the United Kingdom, you receive updates of It’s Always Sunny much earlier than most regions. Season 12 arrives in early May and season 13 will likely arrive in May 2018 too.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia could be leaving Netflix

As you may know, FOX ended its relationship with Netflix in 2017 bringing to a close a multi-year agreement that brought some of its titles to Netflix on a regular basis. Early reports indicate that this could be extending to many of the FX titles on Netflix as we’ve listed and detailed in our leaving post for FX shows. Although it’s yet to be confirmed it could be that all of It’s Always Sunny could be leaving as soon as December 2017 assuming the title can’t be negotiated to stay.

Are you looking forward to seeing the latest season of It’s Always Sunny on Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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