When will Season 2 of Jane the Virgin come to Netflix?

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The CW is probably one of the best networks producing entertainment right now and as part of their diverse and expansive catalog many wondered where the show, Jane the Virgin would fit. The truth is, against the back-drop of shows like The Flash and Arrow it’d appear that it was a male oriented network but Jane the Virgin proves that the CW has what it takes to reach the female audience too.

A loose adaptation of the Venezuelan TV show of the same name, a young girl in Miami whose vow to stay a virgin until it’s the right time goes wrong fast after she’s artificially inseminated leading to her unexpected pregnancy and her journey on becoming a mother with her family by her side. It’s classed as a comedy but we’d be wrong in saying that it doesn’t have a drama background behind it. After its first season it’s already got some trophies in its cabinet as it walked away with best comedy actress in 2016.

The first season was a runaway success and it was confirmed to get a second series in late 2015 running through to mid-2016. It looks to be comprised of 22 episodes, like the first season and again be a smash hit.

For cord-cutters many will be wondering when they can next get their Jane The Virgin fix on Netflix and we’re delighted to say we have a pretty good guess at when that is.

The CW has a rolling contract with Netflix meaning that all their content is renewed in the fall but specifically the month of October 2016. Last year it was added on the 12th of October – so we can expect a similar launch date this year too. This however could all change if rumors are true about the contract between CBS, CW and Netflix all coming to an end resulting in the dropping of its content. We hope this isn’t the case.

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