Season 2 of ‘The End of the F***ing World’ Netflix UK Release Date?

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The End of the F***ing World – Picture: Netflix/Channel 4

For those in the United Kingdom looking to binge-watch through The End of the F***ing World today, you may have logged into Netflix to be disappointed. That’s because season 2 of The End of the F***ing World won’t be on Netflix UK for a while. Here’s when it will and where you can watch in the meantime. 

The British dark comedy which saw Alyssa and James pack up school and go on an adventure played by Jessica Barden and Alex Lawther respectively. They’re social outcasts and as such, are a bit weird. Season 2 sees them dealing with the aftermath of their chaos from season 1.

Where can you stream The End of the F***ing World in the UK?

The good news is that there is somewhere you can watch the show in the UK. 4oD is the best platform of choice which has streamed all eight episodes since November 4th. You can also watch the previous episodes there too. We should stress that there are unskippable ads before and during the show.

What about ad free? Channel 4 offers an option for that too but it’s in beta. The option is £3.99 a month with a free trial available.

When will The End of the F***ing World be on Netflix?

No release date has been announced for Netflix UK as of yet. With that said, we can use the previous release schedule to predict when it will.

Season 1 released on Channel 4 in October 2017 and didn’t come to Netflix until January 2018. That means we’ll likely see the series added sometime in early 2020 following that schedule. Some have predicted it won’t be a year, however which would mean the end of 2020.

In an article by Deadline, they noted how Alex Mahon wants people to know both in the United Kingdom and abroad in Channel 4’s involvement. In the article it states: “This results in Netflix having improved rights to and more ownership over brands like The End of the F***ing World, meaning audiences potentially associate the show with Netflix rather than Channel 4.”

That’s obviously a problem for Channel 4 in the United Kingdom so expect Channel 4 to be hammering home this is their title. It’s worth noting that every reference on Netflix UK to the show contains Channel 4 branding.

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