When will Season 2 of The Magicians be on Netflix?

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Syfy has been putting out some great content over the past few years, and one of their best new additions has been The Magicians. The fantasy series follows Syfy’s history of trying out something new, and something just clicks about this new series, and thankfully, Netflix gets the new seasons. Let’s take a look as to when season 2 will be on Netflix.

Just a quick recap of the show for those not familiar with the premise of the show. The series is a Harry Potter styled show where they follow a group of magicians at a special magic college in upstate New York. Not all is as it seems, though, as where there’s good magic there’s also bad magic.

The first season started airing in May 2015 and its second season only just started airing in January 2017. Given the special effects seen throughout, it required a longer development time, and if it gets renewed again, this will likely happen again.

Season 2 The Magicians Netflix US Release

As we mentioned above, the second season of the show started on January 25th, 2017. It was ordered for 13 episodes, like the first season, so is scheduled to air its finale on Syfy on April 19th, 2017.

The bad news is that the first season was only added a month (December 26th, 2016) before season 2 began showing which could point to us having to wait at least until the end of the year until season 2 comes to Netflix. Syfy usually renews their shows on an annual basis, so our prediction as of right now is that it’ll be added to Netflix in December 2017. That’s assuming season 3 gets renewed and done within a year. Otherwise, you could be waiting up till December 2018!

We hope it comes sooner and obviously if we hear anything we’ll let  you know first here on What’s on Netflix.

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