When will Season 3 of Broadchurch be on Netflix?

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Broadchurch is back in 2017 with a brand new season. The mystery crime drama has grown to be a global success, but for many, Netflix is the mainstreaming platform that you watch new seasons of Broadchurch on. If I’m describing you then listen up as we’re going to give you an indication as to when Season 3 of Broadchurch will be on Netflix.

The series that airs first on the United Kingdom’s ITV has become a global success thanks mainly down to its two lead roles. David Tennant, who you’ll know from Netflix’s Jessica Jones and Olivia Colman star as detectives who are based in a fictional town in Dorset, England.

Once again, this season will have eight brand new episodes and is rumored to be the last season, at least with Colman and Tennant at the helm.

Broadchurch Season 3 Netflix Release Date USA

Given how British shows tend not to be on the same strict release schedules as you see in the US, predicting the Netflix release date is somewhat difficult. Season 3 falls a month, February, after season 2 aired in January, albeit two years prior. Season 2 finished airing in the UK at the end of February and only was added to Netflix the following December.

If it’s following the same kind of schedule for season 3, that means you could be waiting up to December 2017 or even January 2018 before it comes to Netflix in the US. Given the shows boosted profile, Netflix could pick it up sooner or worse, lose it to another provider altogether.

Broadchurch Netflix Release Date Elsewhere

For those in the United Kingdom, it’s not streaming in your region but is available on catch up on the official ITV player.

Canadians can expect an even later release date than the US. Netflix Canada got the second season a couple of months after the US so that would mean a February/March 2018 release date there.


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