When will Season 3 of ‘Knightfall’ be on Netflix?

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Knightfall – Picture: HISTORY Channel

Knightfall has quickly become a very popular historical drama on Netflix with both seasons now streaming on Netflix in the US with other regions to follow. Will and when the third season of Knightfall be on Netflix? Let’s take a look at the potential release schedule. 

The series set back in the 14th century documents the final days of the Knights Templar. The show is an action-heavy historical drama akin to that of Vikings (available on Netflix in some regions) and notably cast Mark Hammill for its second season.

Season 2 is expected to join Netflix in regions such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada later in the year. Netflix in the US saw season 2 drop on August 13th, 2019.

Has Knightfall been renewed for season 3 at HISTORY?

As of the initial time of publishing, the future of Knightfall has yet to be confirmed.

How likely is the series to be renewed? We’re 50/50 at the moment. Ratings for the second season weren’t particularly great, but the show’s creator has stated there’s still potential moving forward.

Speaking with TV Insider, Tom Cullen said: “Historically, the Templars weren’t dissolved in England for another eight years. There are amazing stories about them helping the King. They survived much longer in Malta; and evolved into the Knights of Malta. It would be a fun place to go next — where history ends and mythology begins.”

We’ve also seen multiple cast members adding there are lots of “open storylines,” although we’ve heard some fans say the series wraps up nicely.

Given Netflix’s acquisition of The Last Kingdom and the fact Netflix carries Knightfall in most regions, could they offer to take up the reigns?

When will season 3 of Knightfall be on Netflix?

Without a renewal, it’s hard to predict exactly when a third season will arrive.

If we take the break and release schedule of the first two seasons, we could see the series return for season 2 on Netflix in 2021 at the absolute earliest. That’s given roughly a two-year wait between seasons, and the fact HISTORY will air it before it comes to Netflix.

What to watch on Netflix in the meantime

While we’re waiting for the fate of Knightfall, let us give you some suggestions on what to watch next.

As we mentioned above, some Netflix regions are treated to Vikings, and that’s an obvious recommendation for anyone who is a fan of Knightfall.

Next, we draw your attention to The Last Kingdom, which is a historical drama that Netflix picked up from BBC America after they co-produced a couple of seasons together. Season 4 of The Last Kingdom is due out later this year.

Sticking with historical dramas, we’d recommend The Last Czars, a royal drama about the famous Russian dynasty. Roman Empire and Frontier are other fantastic series, too.

Do you want to see season 3 of Knightfall come to Netflix? Let us know in the comments.

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