When Will Season 5 of Hell on Wheels come to Netflix US?

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Hell on Wheels has arguably been looked over in the past in light of AMC’s more popular series like The Walking Dead but it does serve as a fantastic Western series that is enjoyed by millions around the world. The show premiered on Netflix on November 6th, 2011. On the second series it was moved to air during the summer months likely to make way for the popular series I mentioned earlier.

When series 4 came to a close it was unclear on the future of Hells on Wheels with many fans thinking that’d be its last. That’s not the case however as it was renewed for a fifth season with one exception. It’d be taking the approach of Mad Men and splitting its final season into two halves. Season 5 consists of 14 episodes but only seven have aired so far.

So what you’re wanting to know is when we’ll see those 7 episodes in season 5a. As usual we looked back through our records and found that each new season of Hell on Wheels typically comes every July. So we can expect to see season 5a to stream on Netflix from July 2016 or even earlier (because of the schedule it had on AMC) and season 5b of Hell on Wheels to air July 2017 as a rough starting point but may be sooner.

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