Longmire Season 5 Still Uncertain After Fan Outcry

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Longmire Season 4

In September the unthinkable happened for longtime Longmire fans, the series was resurrected for a forth season that’d give many fans the opportunity to once again visit the fantastic world setup by A&E. The series is based upon a novel entitled ‘Walt Longmire Mysteries’.

Fans during October have made many efforts in October 2015 to try and get Netflix to renew Longmire for a fifth season meaning many of their unanswered questions may have the opportunity of getting answered. A rally on October 7th, countless online petitions and not to mention plenty of email heading our way too. But has Longmire season 5 been announced? No, it’s all quiet in Netflix’s corner.

It’s really no surprise the outcry is here given that season 4 left us with a massive cliffhanger (go watch it) which usually suggests it was planned far in advance another season would be in production. Longmire is the second big budget title not with Netflix originally to be resurrected from the dead. Arrested Development was the first title and that show too still has fans craving another season and again, nothing announced as of yet.

It’s not in character of Netflix to leave fans of Netflix Originals hanging with many shows such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and recently, Narcos, all getting their renewals days and sometimes hours after they’ve launched.

Of course, Netflix doesn’t release its viewing figures for individual titles but a delay in renewing may indicate lower than expected viewing figures but we can’t verify that. Whatever the case, we’ll let you know if we here whether Longmire is getting another season.

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