When will Second Half Season 5 of Hell on Wheels come to Netflix

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Looking for the final half of the final season of Hell on Wheels? Then you’ve come to right place as we’re going to look as to when you’ll be streaming the final episodes of this great AMC series.

The western TV series was a breath of fresh air and a truly unique show on AMC from its initial air date in 2011 to its finale in mid-July 2016. The series sets out to tell the story off Cullen Bohannon who follows the tracks of a group of Union soldiers who are responsible for the murder of his wife. Throughout the series, we see Bohannon enrolled in multiple roles getting involved in conflicts he wouldn’t have normally got himself into.

The series faced some rocky times in its second and third season with the show’s creators departing and writers being dropped and changed frequently. Thankfully, though, the show still maintained a good flow and didn’t go downhill, but it was ultimately given its final season split into two halves as a farewell.


Hell on Wheels wrapped up its final season split into two halves which we’ve seen done with AMC’s other big finale just a few years back in the form of Mad Men. The first seven episodes were released of Season 5, which aired on AMC from July 2015 to August 2015 arrived on Netflix in May 2016.

The first seven episodes of Hell on Wheels were released on AMC from July 2015 to August 2015 arrived on Netflix US in May 2016.

The second half of Hell on Wheels also aired on AMC on the same time span but a year later meaning that won’t affect its Netflix release date. Given how Netflix buys a lot of AMC shows in a yearly fashion. We think that it’s likely we’ll get the final season of Hell on Wheels arriving on Netflix in May 2017. However, given the show is ending, it may come even sooner as a Netflix release would no longer help in promotion for the show.

Can you wait until May 2017 to catch up with the final season of Hell on Wheels? Are you sad to see the show end? Let us know in the comments below.

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