When Will ‘The Blacklist’ Leave Netflix?

You'll have a good few years to binge through all seasons of The Blacklist.

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How Long Will The Blacklist Stay On Netflix For

The Blacklist – Picture: Sony Pictures Television

With the tenth and final season of The Blacklist landing on Netflix, the timer will start ticking on when all seasons of the show will be leaving the service. 

Created by  Jon Bokenkamp, the crime thriller series starring James Spader and Megan Boone has been a fixture of the NBC lineup since 2013, following Raymond Reddington as he assists the authorities in bringing known global criminals to justice.

Without fail, Netflix has been getting new seasons of The Blacklist annually since 2014. That’s because, at the time, Netflix struck a very lucrative deal to have the streaming rights following its first run on NBC. At the time, Netflix was reportedly paying $2 million an episode.

That deal was for the US, but the show has also been streaming in all other Netflix territories with one notable exception: the United Kingdom, where the rights are currently stuck between Prime Video and Now/Sky. Many international territories were also treated to weekly episodes of the show.

Netflix US is always last to get the new season, given the show is given a larger window to NBC for the first run. Through 2020, new seasons were added each September, with seasons 8 and 9 added in October. Season 10 has been the longest wait, finally arriving in February 2024.

when will season 9 of the blacklist be on netflix

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The Blacklist will remain on Netflix US through 2029

Let’s take a look at when The Blacklist will be departing Netflix beginning with the US. The show’s status on Netflix mimics how most deals looked for titles from network television back then, particularly those from Warner Bros. Television, as we’ve tracked with The CW titles, for example.

Our intel suggests that Netflix had the lifetime rights for The Blacklist plus five years. In that case, we’ll see the show leave on February 11th, 2029.

What about other regions? They won’t be keeping the show quite as long. In regions such as Brazil, we’re told that the series will leave the service as soon as July 2025.

Of course, all removal dates are subject to change, whether through extensions or early termination.

This isn’t the only Sony Pictures Television show that’ll eventually leave Netflix. In the coming years, we’ll see the licenses come up for Community (April 1st, 2024) and possibly the biggest hits in their library, Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. Even Cobra Kai, the YouTube show turned Netflix Original, will eventually leave Netflix, but that’s much much further down the line.

Will you be disappointed when The Blacklist eventually leaves Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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